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Uncle Grandpa Good Mornin' DVD review

Thank you Cartoon Network for sending us this DVD to review!

As the name suggests, Uncle Grandpa is a very odd show.  I'm not even sure how to describe it other than it being "face palm" funny.  The main character, Uncle Grandpa, helps kids by taking them on adventures to solve their problems.  While he does have the ability to replicate himself and conjure up items from thin air, he often makes things harder on himself than necessary.  

Uncle Grandpa is often accompanied by his friends Belly Bag (his fanny pack), Pizza Steve, Mister Gus, and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger.  Whenever Uncle Grandpa's  RV needs that extra boost, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger happily helps out with his rainbow flatulence.  

The Good Mornin' DVD collection features twelve episodes and runs for 132 minutes.  Here's a list of the episodes in this collection:

  • Brain Game - Pizza Steve claims to be the best gamer ever - can he put his skills on the line to help out a kid?
  • Moustache Cream - Uncle Grandpa needs some moustache cream in a hurry; can he get it in time?
  • Nickname - All of the kids but one have nicknames, so Uncle Grandpa helps that kid earn his. 
  • Locked Out - Uncle Grandpa gets locked out of his RV; how will he get back in?
  • Mystery Noise - During a sleep over Uncle Grandpa and friends cannot fall asleep due to a weird noise.  They tear apart the RV looking for it.  Can they find the source of it?
  • Bad Morning - Uncle Grandpa is miserable when he wakes up on the wrong side of his bed.  His friends attempt to correct the problem.  
  • Bezt Friends - Everyone but Pizza Steve agrees to be Uncle Grandpa's best friend.  Will Pizza Steve reconsider? 
  • Hide and Seek - Uncle Grandpa is afraid to play hide and seek after never finding one of his friends.  Will he overcome his fear and join in the fun?  
  • The History of Wrestling - Uncle Grandpa and Mister Gus show people how real wrestling is done.
  • Vacation - Uncle Grandpa needs to take a vacation from helping people.  After arriving at a remote island he finds out he's their only hope from stopping a devastating volcanic eruption.   Will he help them? 
  • Aunt Grandma - Uncle Grandpa is  being upstaged by a new person helping kids in need.  There's not enough room for both of them.   
  • Grounded - Uncle Grandpa unwittingly helps a kids escape from being grounded.  Now he must outsmart this kid to get back into his room.  

All of the episodes are wacky and my kids are now fans of the show.  Like most cartoons out there, you can expect to find cartoon violence and potty humor.  If that doesn't bother you, this DVD is worth owning for its $10 price tag.

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