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Love Finds You in Charm

Thank you Anchor Bay for sending us this DVD to review!

Love Finds You in Charm is based on the book Love Finds You in Charm, Ohio by Annalisa Daughety.  It’s about a young Amish woman named Emma Miller who fantasizes about living outside of the Amish community and doesn’t feel like she belongs.  To make matters worse, Emma feels that she is failing as a role model for her younger sister with her reading habits and longing to explore the world before deciding to join the Amish community.  

If Emma chooses to become a member of the Amish church, she has a marriage offer from Jacob who cares for her more than she does for him.

While she has a good life ahead of her in Indiana, Emma can’t help but wonder what the outside world has to offer.  Sensing her discontentment, Emma’s father sends her to her cousin’s farm for the summer to lend a hand during the tourist season.  Her cousin is a recent widow that lives in another Amish community in Charm, Ohio.  Without much hesitation, Emma packs her bags and hops on a train.

In Ohio Emma meets Noah, a young, handsome, and well-read man that understands much of her struggles.  She also befriends Kelly, an outsider (Englisher as the Amish call them) who is retreating to Ohio to live a more peaceful life.  Another outsider named Andy takes notice of Emma and her award winning goat cheese.  As a blogger of wine and cheese, he’s well-travelled and offers to take her along with him.  

With so many temptations and men interested in her, Emma must discover the right path and decide which man she wants to spend her future with.  My husband (despite making some chick flick cracks) and I enjoyed watching this film together and recommend it for anyone fascinated with the Amish or love triangles in general.  

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