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Brother's Keeper

Thank you Falco Ink for sending us this blu-ray to review!

Brother's Keeper tells the compelling story of identical twins, Andy and Pete Goodwyn who tragically lost their parents at a young age.  As a result, they rely on each other and go in completely opposite directions with their lives.  With their high school graduation drawing near, Pete is planning for his future by making arrangements to marry his girlfriend and attending a seminary to become a preacher.  His brother on the other hand, has no plans other than picking fights with those that look at him the wrong way.  

Both of their lives are forever changed when Pete is framed for a murder that he did not commit.  To complicate matters further, the town's police and witnesses are bribed to pursue the death penalty for Pete.  As a devout Christian, Pete's faith is greatly challenged as his situation is getting more and more dire.

Though he doesn't notice it right away, Pete does make a positive impact on the people he interacts with in prison.  Not to mention the transformation that his brother, Andy goes through.  Pete does have his dark moments and a fellow believing inmate (played by Travis Tritt), offers him some solid and Biblical advice.  

While Brother's Keeper tells a powerful story about forgiveness, it's best enjoyed by a mature audience.  There are adult themes including murder, adultery, drinking/drunkenness, and smoking.  The story is engaging,  but predictable at times.  Some things still caught me by surprise though.  

Brother's Keeper is one of the better Christian movies I have seen and I highly recommend renting it at the very least.  It sells for less than $13 on DVD and the blu-ray version goes for $25.  

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