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Adventure Time Season 4

Thank you Cartoon Network for sending us this Blu-ray to review!

Like many shows, Adventure Time season 4 resumes from a cliff hanger and ends with a new one.  Season 4 starts with Finn trying to make a relationship work with the Flame Princess after giving up on Princess Bubblegum.   There are a couple of problems with their relationship though.  For starters, she burns Finn when coming in contact with him and the other problem is that she’s emotionally unstable.  If she gets upset, she can get out of control and destroy towns in the Candy kingdom.  Princess Bubblegum wants Finn to be aware of the dangers and to break off the relationship, but he brushes her off thinking she’s just jealous.  

Love is in the air for another episode titled Dream of Love.  In this episode Tree Trunks falls in love with a pig and their open display of affection is upsetting the townsfolk.  They are told to keep their love private, but everywhere they go to make out, they get discovered.   There is one scene where you can see them kissing in the shadows and you see some tongue action going on.  When told to move in together, Tree Trunks declines saying that it would not be proper since they are not married.  Unfortunately, Jake doesn’t follow the same guidelines as Rainicorn announces at the end of one of the episodes that she is pregnant.   

The Ice King is desperate for a wife and makes himself one from body parts he steals from princesses across the kingdom in the episode Princess Monster Wife.  Needless to say, she’s not much of a looker, but her heart is in the right place.  

There are plenty of silly and non-love related episodes.  I like the Card Wars episode where Finn plays against the over-competitive Jake in a Dungeons and Dragons style card game.  The animated effects in that game look awesome and I wish it existed in real life!  

The humor is great as always and the voice talent includes some stars like George Takei and Bobcat Golthwait.  The Blu-ray collection features bonus commentaries from the makers of Adventure Time.  It was neat to see the inspiration and development of many of the catchy tunes used throughout the series.  

For the reasonable asking price of $25 you’ll get your monies worth.  There are twenty-six episodes that will keep you entertained for 286 minutes.

Here’s the episode list:

  • Hot to the Touch (Part 2)
  • Five Short Graybles
  • Web Weirdos
  • Dream of Love
  • Return to the Nightosphere (Part 1)
  • Daddy's Little Monster (Part 2)
  • In Your Footsteps
  • Hug Wolf
  • Princess Monster Wife
  • Goliad
  • Beyond This Earthly Realm
  • Gotcha!
  • Princess Cookie
  • Card Wars
  • Sons of Mars
  • Burning Low
  • BMO Noire
  • King Worm
  • Lady & Peebles
  • You Made Me
  • Who Would Win
  • Ignition Point
  • The Hard Easy
  • Reign of Gunters
  • I Remember You
  • The Lich (Part 1)

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