Why am I so IN-ACTIVE?

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Why am I so IN-ACTIVE?

Post by evered »

Hey everyone, friends, forumers, and new people who have stumbled upon the forums/server.

If you dun know me, or do know me, either way, I’m Heidi, aka DeerDragon, reindeerforGod, and HeidiAndStella. I wish to tell everyone why I’m so absent from the forums and server. Well, I’ve been busy with school, new postions on other servers, faith, and just over-all more contact with God. But, never the less, there’s also another reason I have made this thread; I will be leaving the prism server, because of my parents permits on it. I wish to thank all of you for being the best friends I could ask for, and just a shoulder I could cry on when I needed it. I don’t want you all to be sad of being off the server and forums, because I have left you all Eliud, a town which will grow throught prism’s land. And because, I don’t want people to be sad I left, but happy for the times we’ve had and how much I will be growing outside of minecraft. I love you all, brothers and sisters in Christ.

Sending hooves and hugs.

-Deer/Heidi \(^-^)/

PS; My discord is #DeerDragon2858 if anyone wants to pm me with dat ;3

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My Response

Post by jbmPlaysGaming »

I want to hug you right now. This post is so emotional :cry:

Seriously though, this is so emotional (even though I already know about it.) Hopefully I'll see you on Discord, and hopefully, you won't have to leave all of Discord and/or Minecraft.

You're one of my biggest inspirations. Don't ever forget that. -hug-

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Re: Why am I so IN-ACTIVE?

Post by JesusIsLord713 »

I'm going to miss you Heidi! You've been a great Prism player and it's really saddening to see you go. Even though you will be leaving Prism I hope you might think of us every once in a while and maybe even visit us again in the future.

I hope your future and growth with God goes well for you! Goodbye Heidi! *sniff*
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Re: Why am I so IN-ACTIVE?

Post by Starfire11 »

Stelz!! I’m going to miss you so much! :(

Thanks for all the amazing memories!!

You’ve helped me grow in my faith (all of y’all actually) and have been an awesome friend!!

Love, hugs, and glitter(?)

-starfire11 :mrgreen:
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