Christian Visual Novel Creator Wondering About Steam

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Christian Visual Novel Creator Wondering About Steam

Postby Godline » Thu Aug 18, 2016 2:42 am

Hi there,

New person to the community!

I've been creating Visual Novels for two years now and have some titles to my name. Problem is, that most of my stuff has a very spiritual slant and I'm finding it hard getting readership for it. I'm wanting to transfer some games unto Steam, but I'm concerned about not getting greenlit, especially since you have to pay to sign up.

Anyway, this is my most recent game on android (it's not the final version): ... pt.caseone

Does anyone know what I can do to get the right people interested/get greenlit? Do people even support getting games about Jesus on such a platform as Steam?

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Re: Christian Visual Novel Creator Wondering About Steam

Postby ccgr » Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:31 am

Welcome! Glad you found us!

I would check these guys out - I get many games sent from them to review.

Have you been to yet?

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Re: Christian Visual Novel Creator Wondering About Steam

Postby Sstavix » Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:24 am

Also - just a thought that bounced through my scattered brain - have you thought about sending copies of the game to review sites? Like this one, for example? It could be a free way to get more attention / advertisement about your games out there. Just be careful - if the game has flaws, good reviewers won't hesitate to point them out. Make sure you're putting forward your best work, not a sloppily half-completed piece.

(Yes, I've seen some games sent to us that appear to be still in the alpha stages. Since so much can change during the development, that's not really the time to send it out in an attempt to get people to believe in the finished product....)

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Re: Christian Visual Novel Creator Wondering About Steam

Postby DeadManReedeemed » Thu Aug 18, 2016 11:30 am

Good to know that I'm not the only one that wants to change how Christian gaming is seen and done. Even got my own manga in the works. Good luck with your project!!

My advice:
Double-check your work. It might need fixing. True, its impossible to find every bug in the game but it'll be worth it in the long run. And make sure the mechanics work!
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Re: Christian Visual Novel Creator Wondering About Steam

Postby centaurianmudpig » Sun Aug 28, 2016 7:47 am

Greenlight is a bit funny.

It does not solely rely on how many people have voted for you. Valve employee's have a choice to push it through quicker.

Do some searching, looking for people who have but up blogs on their greenlight process (Gamasutra is a good place to look).

It seems that regular updates to the Greenlight project, coupled with a demo is the way to go.

The other thing is the Greenlight fee is just a one off. Once paid, you don't need to pay again for other projects.

Good luck and God bless.

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