How to post your pb maps!

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How to post your pb maps!

Post by TheAlexTDB »

Heyllo guys!

This is where you guys can create your own paintball maps and publish them for everyone else to see! We are accepting different paintball maps based on votes, so when you do create a map make sure you explain in your post why its so awesome!

Here are some rules for your maps and posting;

1. Only post 1 map per post. This will help keep votes from getting confused :D

2. Post the coords of your map and in which world they exist. The easiest place to build them is in the Creative world, but feel free to build them in survival as well!

3. No maps larger than our current Construction Map, we don't want to get any larger than that.
  • Recommended map size is 75 by 75 blocks
4. Be fair in your map design. If one side has an advantage, give the other team an advantage as well.

5. A spawn for each team is required, and at least one spectator box is also required. There can be multiple spawn points for each team, so you can make multiple bases for each team (and different spectator boxes)! Just remember rule #4.

Once you have your map built, come back here and make a post about it. After your map gets at least 75% positive/yes votes in a week we will consider adding it.

Also other than voting you can add your own angle of what you think is good and even what isn't. Just remember to build each other up and enjoy these awesome paintball maps :D

Go have fun!
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