D&D heroic Microadventure

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Re: D&D heroic Microadventure

Postby EcoLaserBuilder » Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:40 pm

okay. here is what the defense stats of your characters are like:
AC: 13
Fortitude: 12
Reflex: 13
Will: 14

Max HP: 25
Healing surge value: 8
Surges per day: 8

AC: 16
Fortitude: 14
Reflex: 14
Will: 10

Max HP: 26
Healing surge value: 6
Surges per day: 8

Other abilities not connected to spells/exploits
Dragonborn Breath:
Encounter + Lightning
Minor Action Close blast 3
Target: All creatures in area
Attack:+4 vs Reflex
Hit damage: 1d6 + 2

cantrips: (all at-will)
Ghost Sound
Mage hand (telekinesis)

Rituals: (choose 3 to add to spellbook. each costs 10gp to cast)
Animal Messenger
Comprehend Language
Secret Page
Magic Mouth
Make Whole
Tenser's Floating Disk

End teleport

Hunter's Quarry:
as a Minor action declare the enemy closest to you to be your Quarry. Deal 1d6 extra damage to this enemy.

To give us all a clue as to who your characters are could you each give a short description. Maybe motivations, backstory, why they became adventurers

Ruby_whisperwind, are you still with us?

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Re: D&D heroic Microadventure

Postby That_Helpful_Guy » Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:41 am

In the shadowy darkness of the End, Endomarr the Dragon rules. He was curious about the mysterious Overworld and summoned three of his best warriors (Blade, Wildscream, and Sentinel) to his throne. He charged them with the task of exploring the Overworld and discovering whether or not it contains dragons of its own. After they teleported up, they were soon discovered by a band of peasants. The three Endermen fled across a footbridge, desirous to not kill the peasants if they didn't have to. Wildscream stumbled and fell into the stream. Blade and Sentinel could not pull him out in time, but his screams scared off the peasants. A few weeks later, Sentinel was slain in combat against a group of bandits. Now, Blade is seeking to fulfill the mission he was charged with and avenge his fallen comrades.

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Re: D&D heroic Microadventure

Postby EcoLaserBuilder » Tue Feb 09, 2016 1:22 pm

Awesome. So I'm guessing he would be interested in Overworld lore especially concerning Dragons.

Emwok, you still here?

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Re: D&D heroic Microadventure

Postby Emwok » Wed Feb 10, 2016 8:40 am

Yeah man I'm still here. School's just been really busy lately and I haven't checked the forums much as a result. I'll work on writing a backstory ASAP.

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