Any non-occult based RPGs?

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Any non-occult based RPGs?

Post by Nieve »

If there is already a thread for this, please someone point me to it!

Target players are early middle school aged that are into fantasy. One stumbled into a game of MTG during lunch at school and loved the concept, RP, and game mechanics. Unfortunately, some of the cards would give most people nightmares, and images of creatures cutting themselves… everyone has their own opinions on how to raise their kids, what’s acceptable for their household, etcetera, and while I might play it, I just don’t think mine are mature enough for it yet.

I am not opposed to a magic based system, but something less dark and horrific, where everyone isn’t a sorcerer, but still requires a DM, would be great. Mouse Guard was recommended to me, but that’s not interesting enough for them. If I’m not mistaken, you always play the good hero in it, and the kids want the chance to be villainous as well. TCGs are also a no go.

Am I looking for a unicorn here? Probably. Thanks in advance, even if I come up empty here. :)

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