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Online ministry?

Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:48 pm
by TriviumLegacy
Hey guys. Ive been really having problems with understanding what direction God is pushing me in my life. Right away i thought being a teacher would be awesome and fun, but as i am getting more and more into it, I feel God doesnt mean for me to be this kind of teacher. A couple years ago i had started my own personal ministry where i would randomly chat with people online from around the world. You know talk about life, friends, family, and ideas, and maybe talk about beliefs one day to see if Jesus could be a light for them. i love this ministry and continue to do it. Its even how i met my significant other. Do you guys think this could be a calling from God with the success and joy it brings to me and those who are affected by this ministry? Or is it just an idea i should just keep striving with, but find something else later on in the future? I really need some spiritual advice. Any input is welcome!

Re: Online ministry?

Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:56 pm
by ccgr
Pray about where God wants you to be job wise. No matter which direction you pursue you still need a paycheck right? Reaching out to people online is great but I doubt it pays well. Glad it got you a significant other though :) Keep doing what you believe in but be happy where you are work. Play your cards right and you can reach out in both areas!

Re: Online ministry?

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:18 am
by Reverend Michael
Hi TriviumLegacy,

I'm new to the site and I just signed up here in 2018. But I wanted to mention a couple of things that might help you in your question to seek answers from God.

First, God does not send temptations. This is mentioned in the Letter of James. So if you have already demonstrated that your talents and skills are being used in the right place, then I would qualify that as not being a temptation. You have spoken about having great joy while communicating with others, and I would imagine that this joy becomes even greater when you share the Gospel of our Lord.

Second, it's beneficial to start a blog that you can use to write down your thoughts. I recently started my own blog in December, and I write a new article each day. I pick out a song or video games, and write on a topic covered that is also covered in Scripture. So if I hear a song and read lyrics that talk about messiah, for example, then I talk about Jesus as Messiah, even if the song doesn't mention Jesus' name. The point of my blog is to reach out to both believers and unbelievers.

In my case, I also started a podcast, reaching out on SoundCloud. The address to my podcast is found on my blog.

Third, it's not easy to give up something that we really like but doesn't grow the kingdom. After I became a believer when I was a teenager, I gave up some of the music that I had listened to before and really liked. This is just one example. My point is that talking with people online needs to be viewed in favor of growing the kingdom and not just a way to pass the time.

Really examine if the Gospel is shared or not.

Like I said, I'm new here to the site, but if you want to check out my blog, here is the address:

In case you are wondering, my screen name is real, in that I am Ordained in the Christian faith for the purpose of Gospel proclamation. I follow Baptist practice and theology, but I have broken bread with many believers from different denominations.

I hope to see you here on the boards as I get to know everyone too.

May God grant you direction as you seek His face in your life.

-Reverend Michael

Re: Online ministry?

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:43 pm
by DandiestBerry68
God has plans for success for you in your life, the Bible tells us that. God has also given each of us talents and things we're particularly good at. Find those and let God take you like a rocket with them. If you are good at the online ministry, I can't think of a reason not to pursue it. Like others have said, it may not bring in money, so you need something like that. In my life, I consider every job not opposed to my morals to be on the table, although I'm looking for something in medicine only God knows where I'll end up. And a job only takes up so many hours in a day, the rest you can spend with your family and your God-given talents.