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Re: Evolution?

Postby ArcticFox » Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:28 pm

Necroposting FTW!
There is a lot of misconception over evolution. I am an evolutionary christian, my gf is a creationist. I would suggest taking a college ev. bio. course if you can, otherwise i've read THE FIRST BRAIN and THE WATERS EDGE and they are full of information. I believe early/old Bible books are part of the Jewish storytelling tradition, and full of truth, but are not historical per se.
Hope those sources help.
The problem with your post is that it's based on the unspoken assumption that the only reason for anyone to be skeptical of Evolution is that they don't understand it. We're apparently supposed to take such a course, become enlightened, and embrace Evolution theory as fact.

My biology teacher buddy made the same assumption. Know why that's a bad assumption to make? Because it means that a two-way discussion is impossible. Think my buddy was open to hearing my arguments and perspective? Nope. He never asked me one single time for my reasoning. He just assumed I was ignorant and offered to teach me.

Talk about condescending...

As I said earlier in this thread... I'm skeptical of Evolution because the science doesn't add up. That means that yes... I've studied it. I've studied it objectively. I have no reason not to be biased, as I odn't have a personal stake in it either way. As I also said earlier, my religion doesn't require me to either believe or disbelieve it.
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