America’s Book – How the Bible helped shape a nation - Christian History Magazine Announces Issue #138

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America’s Book – How the Bible helped shape a nation - Christian History Magazine Announces Issue #138

Post by ccgr »

America’s Book – How the Bible helped shape a nation - Christian History Magazine Announces Issue #138

Christian History Magazine & Website - A Continuing Study Resource is Offered to the Home, Church Libraries, Homeschoolers, High Schools, Colleges & Universities

Worcester, PA – March 2021 - Christian History Institute (CHI), publisher of Christian History magazine (CH), announces issue, #138, titled: America’s book – How the Bible Helped Shape a Nation. In this issue, Christian History examines how, from the early seventeen hundreds until the present, church leaders and believers turned to the Bible for truth and doctrines of love, compassion and faith to found a unique nation promising freedom and liberty.

A picture containing text, painting, room, posing Description automatically generatedCH Issue, #138 America’s book – How the Bible Helped Shape a Nation, the first of a two-edition series, explores the ways the Bible has formed much of our civic life—animating governmental ideals, shaping national identity, prompting reform, and causing political union as well as political division. In the arts and letter, the Bible has been the stimulus and inspiration of countless novels, having been central in the development of the genre itself. Artists and songwriters have amplified its fertile themes in every creative and written style.

Issue two of the series, to be published next year, will tell the story of how the Bible has been used in the American church—from Sunday schools and Bible preaching, hymn-writing, liturgy-shaping, and the founding of specifically American denominations.

Articles in this issue, examine the Bible’s influence on the nation’s founding principles; the passion and zeal on both sides of the Civil War, as well as it’s Reconstruction period; the unique perspective of Americans who were freed from slavery and the extraordinary Bible publishing and distribution campaigns of Bible societies that helped make it the most popular and most read book in history.

“I hope that you, like me, believe the ‘B-I-B-L-E,’” said Jennifer Woodruff Tait, Managing Editor of Christian History magazine. “And I hope that you will enjoy and be inspired as you immerse yourself in its complex story and its eminent place in our nation’s history.”

CH issue #138, contains 8 full-length feature and 4 side-bar articles; an archive of rare artwork, illustrations & photos; a chronology timeline and an extensive reading list of related books & material compiled by the CH editorial staff. The magazine is available on-line and can be conveniently read on screen at: ... -the-bible

Editor’s note:
These articles & others are offered for attributed reprint, with permission.

The following full-length articles (click to select) can be accessed on-line.

Bible in America: Did you know? by the editors - Bible towns, Bible songs, Bible novels, and pocket Bibles

Bible in America: Editor's Note by Jennifer Woodruff Tait

Life was saturated with references to God and to scriptural metaphors.
A city on a hill? by Abram Van Engen - The Bible and “Christian America”
Blessings and curses by Alan R. Crippen II - Biblical references in some famous American speeches

Rebels with a cause by Mark A. Noll - The Bible of the early American Republic
Preaching the holy war (Bible in America) by James H. Moorhead
Both sides in the civil war appealed to the Bible
Christ versus the rum shops by Jennifer Woodruff Tait - Seeking biblical liberty from vice and bondage Christian History timeline: Haunted by the word by the editors
Americans have interpreted, applied, and wrestled with the Bible from colonial times to the 21st century
Oh, freedom by Jay R. Case - The Bible in Black Christian movements for liberation
From revolutionary founder to founder of a Bible revolution by Jonathan Den Hartog
Elias Boudinot and his friends worked to begin a new nation and to start the American Bible Society,
Gleams of truth by Marybeth Davis Baggett
How American authors, believers and unbelievers alike, used the Bible in their work
The greatest stories ever told by the editors - The Bible has often starred at the box office
“From sea to shining sea” by Jennifer A. Boardman - Notable Americans drew inspiration from the Bible
How much do you know about the Bible? by the editors and contributors - A quiz
Questions for reflection: The Bible in America by the editors
Questions to help you think more deeply about this issue
Recommended resources: Bible in America
Resources selected by Christian History’s authors and editors.

The entire CHM archive of Christian History magazine issues can be searched, along with related books, videos, and study-guides, using the website’s search engine feature. A magazine subscription, combined with its accompanying website, is offered at no-cost as a study resource for home & homeschoolers, church libraries, middle/high schools, as well as to colleges & universities. It is the mission of CHI donors and staff to make this resource as widely and freely available as possible (donations gratefully accepted).

Why Christian History magazine?

“Christian history has been largely removed from the American public education curriculum that was inspired by Christian leaders and the nation’s founders,” said Michael Austin, a Christian commentator. “After years of subversion, our public schools no longer teach the Bible’s contribution to Western Civilization, routinely slandering the Bible in classrooms at every level.”

George Barna, speaking of data gathered in a recent survey, said, “Young people couldn’t think of anything positive that the Christian church stood for.” In a video interview, Barna Further reported, “We’re essentially in the Dark Ages, in America today.” (View YouTube, titled: ‘Young Americans see nothing positive in church - says George Barna.’)

Christian History Institute is a non-profit Pennsylvania corporation founded in 1982. CHI publishes Christian History magazine and produces books and videos featuring important Christian history, including Torchlighters®, an animated history series of biographies. CHI is a donor-supported organization providing church resources and self-study material making Christian history accessible to the widest possible audience, via video and the Internet.

CHI & Vision Video introduced Redeem TV in mid-March of 2020, as the virus pandemic began, uniquely offering their entire archive on a no fee \ advertising free basis for registered users. The 100% faith-based channel is a faith venture, funded entirely by viewer donations. The Redeem TV website,, offers quality dramas, family movies, documentaries, children’s favorites, biographies, Biblical films, missions & history classics, inspirational & contemporary works, small group studies, apologetics, and more. Since the launch, Redeem TV has been viewed in over 200 countries and as of January 2021 has a subscriber base of 90,000. 40% of the Channel’s views are from outside the USA.

Contact Christian History Institute, Box 540, Worcester, PA 19490,

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Re: America’s Book – How the Bible helped shape a nation - Christian History Magazine Announces Issue #138

Post by RainbowFang »

Interesting stuff! Many people have forgotten that Christian values are at the heart of so many things we take for granted today.

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