Game better with ProSteer, the first analog racing controller

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Game better with ProSteer, the first analog racing controller

Postby ccgr » Tue Aug 20, 2019 9:50 pm

Gaming has come a long way since 1972 when the Magnavox Odyseey and Atari’s Pong were released, but the controllers we use to play the advanced games of today haven’t kept up. Until now. ProSteer is the first handheld steering controller for PC and Android that uses Boxed Arc Technology to create a virtual central axel for steering -- what that means is you get highly accurate, unmatched steering control!

Finally, all racers can enjoy the advantage of analog steering without large fancy racing wheel control models. What’s more, Multi Single Axis Control allows users to use the same controller for first person shooter games and classics like Mario Kart. ProSteer completely perfects your left-right accuracy, scope of control, steering precision and more.

ProSteer launched today and is available to pre-order starting at $99 - way cheaper than those large racing setups.

More information can be found in our media kit along with high resolution images and videos. Check that out at Check out the campaign to bring ProSteer to gamers at

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