Youtube Gaming Channel w/ Gameplay AND Kingdom Topics

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Youtube Gaming Channel w/ Gameplay AND Kingdom Topics

Post by lumizgaming »

Hey what up guys! My name is Lincoln and I recently started a Gaming Channel on Youtube ( ... EvReKFZJKg). And yes, I know what you're thinking, another one? Well, here's my story:

(tl;dr at the bottom)

Towards the end of last year, I really felt God speaking to me about a generation, specifically my generation (millennials), whom have a misconception of what Christianity is, or who Jesus Is. Maybe it's the inaccurate portrayal of mainstream media, or negative experiences associated with being around so called "Christians". Whatever it might be, I felt a push from God to do something, particularly in the realm of gaming and online media. I've always loved gaming and I loved Youtube ever since I discovered it(I'm a big fan of many of the top Youtube gamers). My life for the past few years basically boils down to: 1) School, 2) Church, 3) Youtube, 4) Gaming, 5) Occasional hangouts with friends. With all these factors lined up, and also inspirations from folks like Jeff Bethke (young Christian author, speaker best known for his video on Jesus > Religion), and Lecrae (Hip-hop artist, Rapper, spoke at Liberty U about engaging culture with a Christian world view), I felt like starting a Youtube channel was the direction I should go in.

So here I am. My channel name is called Lumiz Gaming. Lumiz is a word I made up, meaning to light or to shine. The Bible says "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." But what about the internet? I think we as Jesus Followers should also bring light onto the internet. The internet is often a place where people escape from the real world for refuge, but is it really where hope, love, truth is? My vision is to build a church on the internet, not necessarily a church that has Sunday services that stream live on Twitch or Youtube Gaming(that would be awesome though), but a community that leverages the scale and speed of the internet, for Christians to hear, share each others walk with God, and non-Christians to see the glory of God and the abundance of the Kingdom.

As for content, I generally will be posting funny montages/gameplays, and discussion topics about life and faith. I will try to alternate back and forth and keep the content of both equal. I'm also down to collab with anyone so if you want to collab hit me up.

So please join me in building this community, and let us all reflect the light that is in us!

tl;dr: God spoke to me about a misconception of Christianity and Jesus in my generation, so I started a youtube channel in attempts to build a community online for both Christians and non-Christians.

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