Battlefield 4 - My Veiws

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Battlefield 4 - My Veiws

Post by Garlotch »

So I bought the game, a week after its release, I absolutely love the graphics, they are way better than bf3, but a bit lacking compared to pc, but then again, this is ps3 we are talking about. I didn't have internet when I first got it so I had to play the campaign, man it was fun, I especially loved the feature, of how you can collect guns and rank up for new and better ones, they didn't have this feature in any of the other battlefield games I have played. Once again, there are some guns in multiplayer, that you can ONLY unlock via Singleplayer/Campaign, which I thought made it a bit challenging, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The multiplayer has received a lot of hate in the past few months, no doubt because It being very laggy and having so much bugs and glitches, I hope that by the final patch, bf4 will be ready for smooth gameplay just like bf3. I LOVE the new sniping mechanics, and how you must first adjust your scopes zeroing distance in order to snipe properly from long distances, I also love how they put a range finder in the game. It was funny how in bf3, the longest scope is 12X when in bf4, the longest scope is 40X, seems crazy eh? I was disappointed when they put the barret in bf4, but ONLY as a pick up weapon, alas this is my favourite sniper rifle, and should be used as an "able to equip" weapon! I also don't like how the jets autospawn in the air, it really takes the realism out of the game, and there are LESS jets in a single match than there are helicopters, when the number should be the same according to bf3. All in all, I love this game and can't wait to see how it develops. It has already given, call of duty a run for their money!

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Re: Battlefield 4 - My Veiws

Post by Orodrist »

The Battlefield series (with the exception of the futuristic one and the bad companys) has always had a reputation for somewhat realistic weapon mechanics. Which is precisely why you aren't humping a ~30lbs Barrett across the map.
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Re: Battlefield 4 - My Veiws

Post by TDog9631 »

I loved how non-existent bullet drop was in 1942. I sniped a guy on one side of the map only to get gunned down by a guy on the other side of the map.
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