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Re: Battlefield 3

Post by HankTheCowdog »

Bf3 was good because of its great graphics and coop battles. Bf2 was probably better though because you could play singleplayer maps with the computer, when with bf3 if you want to play by yourself you have to play the campaign.... which has EXTREME profanity. And you have to have the sound to understand the plot. But it is still fun to play with friends. But my favorite is bf 1942 because it is understood that you hack on it. If you ever want to play just download it free off origin and ask people what hacks they use and get those, there are only a couple that work with orgin though. Some servers even have their hacks that you can download off their website and they only allow those on that server. It is fun, because most people don't have cheap hacks like instant head kill. The most common hacks are, anti recoil, minimap hack, and zoom. It is a ton of fun.


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