What do you think about the newer Final Fantasy video games?

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What do you think about the newer Final Fantasy video games?

Postby donnabright » Thu Apr 26, 2018 2:15 am

What I am finding out about this gaming series, and I have played a lot of FF games, is, that the cussing is getting worse. To top that off, they are adding our God into their video games. He is known as our savior. We only have one Savior, but to FF the savior could be a monster, or a a game char called lighting. She is not Jesus, but she is supposed to be the savior coming to save souls?

Why did FF add a game char as our god? Also in FF XIII, though, I like the game play. The story line sucks. If you ever played towards the end, than you get what I am saying. These game chars do not believe in Salvation, nor prayer, nor Miracles.
Praying is not bad, but in the game it is, like some sort of curse to pray? Well I do not agree with that.

Also in FF Type 0- Every-time my char would go to fight..Swear words would be used. I kept hearing the D words over, and over..
Since the game was boring, anyways, and I could not get rid of the cussing. I stopped playing.

Then there is the newer on-line version of FF, which says the GD word a-lot, takes the lords name in vain, and uses other cuss words, quite often, no thanks. There is no way to get rid of it. I went back to playing FF XI, which I like better anyway, and it is a better game to play.

Also in lighting returns, (Which I will never play). However, I seen game reviews to know. They like to predict when the world will end in 13 days. Um isn't that for God to know. I know is a video game, but sometimes it feels like it affects me for real. If I hear cussing, from anywhere, be it a video game, song, people, where ever there is cuss words, it is going to affect me. And why does FF go and twist religion? I like to tell them keep my God out of your video games, because, they have no idea what they are talking about.

Do I play, yea, but some games I will skip a lot of cut scenes, depending on the game. I do not want to know their twisted up religions, just like FF X..Um Sin is not a person, and they pray to the wrong god. Will I play yes, but, I do not believe the way they do. I wish FF keep their fake religions to themselves, because it does affect some of my game play.

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