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Teen Beach 2

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After a wonderful summer together, Brady and Mack (Mackenzie) are heading back to school together.  Even though they're celebrating their three month "meetaversary", their relationship is about to be seriously tested as they discover that they are complete opposites when it comes to their academic studies.    

Mack has her future planned out with wanting to become a marine biologist.  She already knows which college she wants to go to while Brady doesn't even know what he's going to have for dinner at night.  Even though biology isn't Brady's strongest subject, he's not stupid.  In fact, he's designing many great surfboards.  The problem is that he's lost his confidence and doesn't want to share his passion with his girlfriend for fear of being rejected.  

Other guys are taking notice of Mackenzie and Brady is getting jealous of the attention she is getting.  Between the jealousy and the secrets, Mack is wanting some time away from Brady.  Back in Brady's favorite '60s movie, Wet Side Story (a surfers versus bikers rendition of West Side Story), the main characters Lela and Tanner are sensing some trouble between Mack and Brady and come to the future (our present day) to save them. 

Hilarity ensues when Lela and Tanner arrive and don't know how to interact with cell phones, scuba divers, and aggressive jocks.  They try their best to blend in and sing whenever the opportunity arises.  Just like the first Teen Beach movie, the sequel is very much a musical. 

Lela is adjusting well to the modern era and enjoys discovering her true self and untapped intellect.  Tanner on the other hand is very conceited and flaky.  Later, he does come around and learn to put others before himself.  Other lessons include being and believing in yourself and not keeping secrets from a loved one.  

If your family enjoyed the first movie, the sequel is worth checking out.  It's kid safe and my children enjoyed the movie even though they are not teenagers yet.  The wacky humor and silly songs were enough to keep them tuned in.  My daughters fought over the included necklace which is rather stylish.  The price is a reasonable $15, and if you don't like the movie, you still get a nice necklace out of the deal.  

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Guest - Paige on Monday, 20 July 2015 12:39

Nice little synopsis. I haven't seen the first movie, but I have heard it is pretty good. I'll have to check both out. Thanks for sharing!

Nice little synopsis. I haven't seen the first movie, but I have heard it is pretty good. I'll have to check both out. Thanks for sharing!

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