Thank you Shout Factory for sending us this DVD set!

I remember collecting and playing with My Little Pony toys as a kid.  I don't recall watching the show much though.  Fortunately with the helpful DVD set My Little Pony Classic TV Collection, I can relive my childhood and be reminded of how animation has vastly improved since the eighties.  :)  The lessons of helping others and treasuring friendship are timeless and my kids enjoyed watching the 4 disc set.

Each disc is approximately 3 hours, so there's twelve hours of entertainment to be had.  My daughters and (surprisingly) my son enjoyed watching the show.  For any person who has seen The Simpsons, they will recognize the voice of Nancy Cartwright who also voiced Bart Simpson.  

The episodes are pretty short, being around eleven minutes each.  Not surprisingly, there are many multi-part episodes so it's important to watch them in their proper order.  There's a wide variety of ponies including earth ponies, pegasus ponies, unicorns, sea ponies and Spike, their dragon friend.  Some episodes feature male ponies!  (I always wondered where the baby ponies came from!)  Megan and her sister Molly are their human friends that tag along for many wild adventures.  

Enemies abound including greedy queens, witches and evil sorcerers.  There is some enchanting and magic used throughout the series.  More often than not, the episodes conclude with the enemies learning to regret their actions after the ponies speak some sense into them.  They then work together towards a peaceful compromise.  The redemption message is powerful and this show has way more ups than downs when it comes to moral issues.

While the retail price is $29.99, Amazon sells it for less than $25.  For twelve hours of entertainment and every classic My Little Pony episode, it's worth every penny!

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