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Mickey's Monster Musical

Thank you Click Communications for sending us this DVD to review!

This 115 minute DVD features three problem solving and singing episodes that involve ghosts, pirates, and your favorite Disney characters. Included in the DVD is a trick or treat bag that is more of a novelty than useful given its small size.  Thankfully, my kids still enjoyed the DVD regardless. 

In the first episode Mickey has a surprise picnic planned for Minnie and hopes that she will say yes. She does and they start on their way. The weather starts out beautiful, but that soon changes.  Upon trying to turn around, their car breaks down and gets two flat tires.  A creepy castle is just up ahead; they or course they go there seeking help.  

Once inside, they meet the flying Count Mickula who is very helpful and offers to help fix their car while they stay at his castle. The only downside is that Count Mickula believes that his castle is haunted. In return for helping them fix their car, Minnie and Mickey offer to help explore the castle to confirm or deny that suspicion.  

Along the way Mickey and Minnie will gather various tools used to solve riddles throughout the show.  The kids are encouraged to deduce which tool will solve each dilemma presented to them.  There is also plenty of singing and dancing they're asked to participate in as well.  The songs and atmosphere reminds me of the Rocky Horror Picture Show with much cleaner lyrics and characters of course!  

In the second episode Mickey and his friends want to go to the beach to do some surfing.  They have fun surfing, building sand castles and playing volleyball until a sailor drops off a tuba for Goofy that was found at sea.  The tuba has a note from his grandfather talking about a treasure that will save his home.  Goofy's friend's and the pirate, Peg Leg Pete offer to assist in the treasure hunt.  They will have to work together quickly to retrieve the treasure before the island sinks into the sea.

The third episode takes place at the farm fair and the mouseketeers compete in various challenges to see which team is the most nimble.  I truly hope that younger kids don't imitate the egg and spoon race from this episode.

Other than a potential egg mess, I highly recommend this DVD for younger children that don't mind talking back to the television.  Though my kids didn't talk back to the TV, they did enjoy the show.   The DVD sells for less than $15 on Amazon and is worth it for Mickey Mouse Club fans.

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