Lady Bird

Thank you Lionsgate for sending us this Blu-ray to review!

Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson is a senior at a Catholic high school. Her parents are hard workers, and when money gets tight, it adds to the tension between family members. Lady Bird gets along with her soft-spoken dad, but her mother tells it like it is and shares her disagreement with her daughter’s college choices. Many of the students in the high school are well to do, and Lady Bird lies about her financial situation to fit in. Deceit plays a big role in this film.

Other moral concerns include smoking, drug, and alcohol consumption. There are homosexual relationships and premarital sex is shown in this film. While the actors don’t show much skin, a snapshot from a Playgirl magazine is shown in its entirety. Last but not least, is the amount of swearing and use of F-bombs.

Though there are some good lessons about friendships and family ties, the moral issues are too plentiful to recommend this film to parents struggling to connect with their teenagers. As a mother of one teenager with another soon to be, I could somewhat relate with one of my daughters being similar to me with the other having differences that drive a wedge between us a little bit. Thankfully, our relationship isn’t bad enough to cause us to cuss at and berate each other.

Despite this movie having rave reviews from The New York Times, Rolling Stones magazine, and Rotten Tomatoes, my brother and I really couldn’t get into this story of growing up and cherishing your relationships. The many moral issues also make me hesitant on recommending this film to others. However, if you do enjoy it, Amazon sells the Blu-ray for less than $20.


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LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Complete Season Two DVD Set

Thank you Click Communications for sending us this DVD set to review!

The Freemaker family has been known for their expertise in salvaging and repairing ships for the Rebel Alliance. Occasionally, they’ll be assigned to rescue missions when the need arises. The youngest family member, Rowan, is a Jedi in training who has caught the attention of the Empire. So far, Lord Vader’s attempts at capturing him have failed. The Emperor has commissioned a new prototype robot soldier named MOC to accomplish the task.

Lord Vader is concerned about his job security and tries to trip up the robot as much as possible in this season. In order to earn back the Emperor’s trust, Lord Vader must rebuild the Death Star. Everything is in place with the exception of some special crystals. Rowan is also looking for these crystals to complete the ship he envisioned called the Arrowhead. While searching, Rowan encounters an alien race that worships the crystals that their ancestors left in their care. Rowan befriends a girl that doesn’t believe in the Force or her family’s religion.

Who will secure the highly volatile crystals first and complete their project? You’ll have to watch this twelve episode season to find out. The DVD set consists of two discs with six episodes on each one. Since this show is geared for kids it’s pretty family friendly. There is space combat and cartoon violence. When it comes to language there is some name calling including terms like Scum Weasel and Nerf Herder.

My son and I both enjoyed watching this show. The humor and storytelling can entertain adults as well as children. We’ll have to catch up on the first season now which is available in Blu-ray or DVD formats. I’m not sure why the second season is only available on DVD. Both seasons can be purchased on Amazon.

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Glory To Metal (A Symphonic Metal Tribute to NieR: Automata)

Thank you Materia Collective for sending us this digital album to review!

After hearing Ferdk’s symphonic metal rendition of several popular Undertale songs, I became a fan and bought the tracks. Ferdk and I both enjoyed the music and gameplay from the sleeper-hit, NieR: Automata.

Glory to Metal features four enhanced tracks from the game that are a little over three minutes each. The $4 bundle includes the following songs:

Bipolar Nightmare
Alien Manifestation
Forest Kingdom
Grandma (Destruction)

Two of the tracks are battle oriented while the other two focus on the game’s ambient music. Each of the songs harness Ferdk’s bombastic symphonic metal music style. In Bipolar Nightmare you’ll hear pounding drums, guitar, bells, and an orchestra backing it up. It’s been a while since I played this game but I’ll take an educated guess that this is one of the fighting tracks. Alien Manifestation has the guitars taking the lead with the orchestra and drums backing them up. The organ work is great as well. I am assuming this is one of the background music pieces.

Forest Kingdom features a xylophone and is probably the tamest track on the album. The tempo picks up halfway through the song and is a joy to hear in its entirety. I’m quite certain that this is one of the ambient songs in the game. The orchestra starts off Grandma (Destruction) and the guitar quickly steps in and dominates this battle music track.

All of tracks are wonderful and I can’t pick a favorite. As expected, the guitar work is exceptional and prominently featured in each of the tracks. My only complaint with this album is that it’s over too quickly! I look forward to more game inspired renditions from Ferdk.

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7 Features of the Best Gaming Headphones.

Investing in a good gaming headset is one essential step in upgrading your whole gaming experience. While it may seem like a matter of walking into the nearest store and picking the first brand you see, such a practice could get you regretting about your purchase. With the vast options of gaming headphones available in the market, picking one is becoming more challenging even to the veteran gamers. Going through a couple of gaming headphone buyer guides may help, but knowing the most important features to always look for is often the best tip. Do you want to know the 7 most important features of the most incredible gaming headphones? Then you are definitely in the right place.

High Quality Sound
The ability to hear game audio loud and crisp clear is the number one reason why gamers choose to invest in the best gaming headphones. The gaming headsets are usually made with both hardware and software technologies that ensure that high sound quality is upheld. The most common sound quality choices for these headphones include Stereo, Surround 5.1 and Surround 7.1, and the choice usually depends on the gamer’s personal preference. In terms of hardware, gaming headphones usually incorporate designs with noise cancellation technology. Some of these include closed-back designs and over-ear earpieces. While the closed-back design isolates the outside sound, the earpieces with paddings that cover the whole ear keep the sound intact, directing all or most of it to the ear canal. This results in loud, clear and high quality audios. Although, there are gamers who enjoy gaming while listening to ambient noise from their environment. If you fall under this category, the open-back gaming headphones are the perfect choice for you.

Comfortable Design
Apart from sound quality, comfort is another great reason why gamers can easily spend a fortune on gaming headphones. Actually, most gamers usually spend so much time playing, and comfortable headsets will not only help them enjoy gaming for longer, but they won’t have to worry about adjusting them from time to time, which may be detrimental to their performance particularly in competitive gameplay. The best headphones fit perfect especially over the ears. This is what makes circumaural headphones the most common gaming headphone design. The earpieces should be well padded to provide comfortable cushioning to the ears while sealing in sound and directing it into the ear. The head strap must be sturdy and adjustable to ensure a proper fit for different head sizes. The materials used must also be gentle to the skin such as genuine leather on the earpieces and smooth plastic on the other parts.

Diverse Connectivity Options
Wireless and wired gaming headphones are the most common gaming headphone designs in the market based on connectivity. Wired headphones will connect to your gaming device via a cable that transmits audio to the earpieces. However, if you are tired of connecting wires and cables every time you want to game, then wireless headphones are perfect for you, in which case you need to ensure their battery life and charge runtime is reliably long. Rather than connecting to your game devices via cables, it makes use of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other wireless connection channels. If you want to enjoy both of these worlds, then having a compromise between the wired and wireless headphones is perfect. Some of the top gaming headphone models can connect both wirelessly and via cable, which is a great plus for any ardent gamer.

Multiple Device Compatibility
Imagine coming home with those fantastic gaming headphones and on plugging them in, they cannot produce a single sound. The second scenario is when your headphones only play on a few of your devices. This is very frustrating, especially for gamers who use multiple devices. The greatest gaming headphone models should have technologies that are compatible to multiple devices. It helps to inquire from the seller about the compatibility of the headphones you are looking to invest in to your device. You could also check out the different ratings and reviews of the gaming headphones from people who have used them on similar gaming device models as the ones you already own. Multiple device compatibility means that the gamer can easily use your gaming headphones on any device, even if it is away from your gaming station. In addition to the software and drivers used being multi-device compatible, the connection jack should also match the connection ports of most gaming and audio equipment.

Customizable Settings
Adjustability and customizability of gaming headphones are the features responsible for these headphones’ reliability and versatility. First, for the perfect sound quality at any given time, the best gaming headsets usually come with adjustable controls such as volume and bass. This ensures that even subtle sounds such as footsteps and audio cues are audible enough. The headband should also be adjustable for easier and comfortable fitting of different sizes and shapes of the gamers’ heads. Other adjustable features include foldable earpieces meant specifically for increased portability and easier storage of the gaming headphones. In addition to these, you could have removable cables whether the gaming headphones can connect wirelessly or not.

Strong and Durable Build
No matter how small a product you purchase is, the ultimate goal for everyone is getting one that can last longer. This applies to gaming headphones too. Strength and durability all depend on the materials used and the quality of the construction. The materials used in impeccable gaming headphones have to be strong and sturdy to ensure resistance to wear and tear, making them last longer. The quality of their construction should also be high quality, with every connection being strong and secure. You should always avoid headphones that look flimsy and cheap.

Excellent Microphone

During gaming, it is essential for the gamer to communicate with his opponents or teammates. For this to be effective, the gaming headphones should have an inbuilt high quality microphone. This will ensure perfect recording and transmission of the gamer’s voice, which will result in a crisper and clearer audio heard from the receiver’s side. This is very important, especially in competitive gaming where instructions, responses and other communication should be fast and very audible.


As you surf different websites over the internet, I am sure you have found different resources regarding the most reliable gaming headphones in the market. Most of them will promise you heaven, only for you to purchase them and regret your decision. Apparently, all you need is this reference of the main features of the perfect gaming headphones. Once you go through these, you will have no problem finding the ideal gaming headphones to cater for your needs. All you need thereafter is a budget and a gaming accessories store of your choice.

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Leaving My Father’s Faith

Thank you Jolson Creative PR for sending us a screener to review!

Tony Campolo is a well-known author, pastor, and evangelist. He was a spiritual advisor to Bill Clinton and recently made headlines in 2015 for fully supporting gay marriage. Up until his 2011 bike accident that resulted in a concussion, Bart Campolo was following in his father’s footsteps as an evangelist. However, after the bike accident, Bart changed and abandoned his faith entirely.

The movie Leaving My Father’s Faith chronicles e-mail exchanges between Tony and Bart and shows them dialoguing over what caused Bart to abandon Christianity. Bart doesn’t completely blame the bike accident for his departure, but mentions that there were several things in his life that cast doubts and slowly corroded his faith.

The first issue that caused Bart to leave Christianity is God allowing for people to suffer. Tony responded saying that according to Philippians 2:7, God emptied His power and doesn’t reclaim it fully until the end days mentioned in Revelation. In college Bart’s faith was further challenged in a religious class that dealt with contradictions in the Bible. Bart’s teacher told him about the writing of Karl Bart that conclude that Jesus was the perfect word and that the Bible is just merely a witness to it. Karl Bart’s works were so inspiring to Tony that he named his son after him. Not surprisingly, both father and son disagree with the Bible’s stance on homosexuality.

Most of the movie talks about Bart’s upbringing and doubts. It claims to be fair and representing both sides equally, but I can’t help think that more time is spent on Bart than Tony. Because of the imbalance, I don’t really recommend this movie to believers. In the end, I’m glad that their relationship with each other is amicable. If you find this exchange interesting you can read the book Why I Left, Why I Stayed which this film is based off of.


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How to Download Minecraft Skins

Do you enjoy playing Minecraft? We bet you do, but since you are reading this article, we can’t help but think that you are getting bored with the default character skins (yes, Steve, we’re all looking at you right now). While there’s certainly nothing wrong with playing the original characters, Steve or Alex, they just don’t feel very personalized and are bound to make you wonder whether they can be “upgraded” at some point. Fortunately, they can, and there is a huge variety of alternative character skins available online. In this article we are going to show you how to download a skin on Minecraft Mac and PC editions, as well as guide you through the following steps required to make your Minecraft character “wear” the custom skin.

So, first of all you’ll have to choose a skin you like and download it onto your machine’s hard drive. There’s a multitude of custom Minecraft skins that you can get online for free, but if you feel like going for something extra fancy, you can invest some money into the game and purchase a themed skin pack, or even pay a designer to have an original and unique Minecraft character skin created just for you. Assuming you prefer to go with the free skins (for now at least), we recommend that you check out, as this website has got a great selection of cool custom skins available for free downloads and usage.

Minecraft Skins

You may be wondering what exactly is a Minecraft skin, how you are going to download it, and whether you need any additional software to work with it. A Minecraft skin is basically an image, which is usually in PNG format, and if you open it with your computer’s default graphic viewer, you’re going to see a jumble of various body parts on a white background. Minecraft skins tend to look like unassembled paper dolls, but don’t let bother you - when you’re done with the skin “installation”, it is going to look exactly as presented on the website where you downloaded it. Downloading a skin is easy - just click on the respective link or button, and the skin will be saved in your downloads folder just like any other file. You won’t be needing any software for the skin installation, and in fact, you don’t even need to view it as an image, unless you’re curious to see what it looks like “unassembled”.

Minecraft Skins

Regardless of whether you play Minecraft on PC or Mac, your next step is to memorize the location of the skin on your hard drive (if you plan on switching skins frequently, you might be better off creating a separate folder for Minecraft skins so that you don’t get confused going through a multitude of small image files). Then you’ll need to log into your player profile on the official Minecraft website and find the “Browse” button on the main profile page. Click the button and you’ll see an Explorer (on Windows computers) or Finder (on Macs) window pop up over the browser window. Find the skin you just downloaded, select it, and click “Upload”. Wait until you get the confirmation message, and voila - your character’s skin has been successfully updated!

Minecraft Skins

However, to see the changes you’ll have to restart game, so close it and log back in if it was running in the background while you were uploading the skin. If not, just open Minecraft and go to any world - you’ll see that your character now looks exactly like the skin you’ve chosen. Starting with Minecraft 1.8, you can even customize the skins within the game, but some older skins are incompatible with this fun feature. To see whether your new skin can be further customized, go to “Options” and click “Skin Customization”. Here you can make your character “take off” their cape, hat, jacket, or even left pants leg! If your character’s current skin is compatible with the feature, you should see the changes immediately after closing the “Options” menu.

Armed with this knowledge, you no longer need to google “how to download minecraft skins pc,” so you can proceed to personalize your Minecraft character and have even more fun with this amazing game!




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Thank you Lionsgate for sending us this Blu-ray to review!

Wonder is based off of the 2012 book with the same name. The book is about a boy named August (Auggie) Pullman that was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome. This genetic disorder affects one in 50,000 people and makes those with it look different because they lack ear and/or facial bones. Like the book, the movie shifts from different perspectives as Auggie starts fifth grade at Beecher Prep School.

Before starting school, Auggie who loves Minecraft, Star Wars, and anything space related, often wore a space helmet out in public. On his first day at school, he didn’t wear his helmet and got stared at quite a bit. Auggie is used to the stares; however, the mean notes/drawings and bullying took a toll on him and his loving family.

Auggie’s sister, Olivia (Via), is used to Auggie getting a lot of attention from their parents. She’s a great sister and very understanding. However, she is experiencing troubles with her best friend at school, but her parents don’t notice right away because they’re focusing on Auggie’s acclimation. The different perspectives in this film are eye opening and from what my children who read the book tell me, the movie is lacking a couple of perspectives that the book has in it.

I don’t want to spoil the story, and I highly encourage you to check out the movie, book, or both! Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts did a wonderful job acting as Auggie’s parents. There are many humorous scenes between Auggie and his father. Conversely, there are some tear jerking moments and yes, I did cry at the happy ending.

This nearly two-hour film is available in DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K formats. Like many movies, the higher the visual quality the more expensive it will be. I highly recommend adding this film in any format to your movie collection.

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Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo Emulators and ROMs

What is a Nintendo emulator? It is the easiest way to play Nintendo retro games on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. But how do emulators work? Is it a complete substitution for a console?


Basically, the emulators are hardware or software that enables your computer's system to behave like another system, which you're trying to emulate. The most frequently used forms of emulators are game emulators for popular old-school console systems from 90's and 2000's. One of those systems is Nintendo. To get a NES (or Nintendo) emulation software on your tablet, PC, or smartphone, you have to download it from the Internet. Today, there are a lot of specialized websites which provide free access to all existed emulators and ROMs (games). For example, you can get a nintendo emulator on with a full pack of games for it. If the emulator and the ROM files are chosen based on your OS requirements, they will perform as closely as possible to the original system. So, how to choose a concrete Nintendo emulator and Nintendo roms download files to get the most out of them?

Nintendo Emulator and ROMs: Downloading and Installation Process

As we have already mentioned above, you have to find the proper Nintendo emulator download files depending on your computer's operating system and parameters. This information is always mentioned on the websites, which provide Nintendo files. Pay attention what other users say. Picking the emulator by the rating is a good choice too. As the older device you have, the higher chances that some programs will lag or work too slow on them. So, keep it in mind. If it is a low-level emulator and a very modern and powerful device, they may not perform well together. If you want your Nintendo games run smoothly on your PC or laptop, you always have to pick those files which are created to work together.

When it comes to ROMs, you also have to match them to the emulator you download. For example, for Nintendo you can choose something among:

  • Super Mario Bros 3;
  • Kirby's Adventure;
  • Contra;
  • Super Mario World;
  • Metal Gear;
  • Zelda 2 – The Adventure of Link;
  • Airwolf;
  • Aladdin 1,2,3;
  • Bases Loaded 1,2,3,4;
  • Bubble Bobble, etc.


Since you have both the emulator and the ROMs downloaded to your device, you can go ahead and start the installation process. First of all, create a separate folder to place all the extracted Nintendo files together. The installation process may take a couple of minutes only. Just click on «Next» button. Then, double-click the emulator and run it. You'll see a small window, where the game will be displayed. You can customize this window to your own preferences. You can make it a full-screen game, change the controllers, the sound, etc. Press on «Options» to see the full list of configuration features. Now, you can go back to the game and start playing whatever you want.

Best Nintendo Emulators

If you don't know which Nintendo software to choose from, here is the list of the most popular ones on the Internet:

  • Jnes;
  • ImbNES;
  • HalfNES;
  • Nestopia;
  • FwNES;
  • Nemulator;
  • MarioNES;
  • And 80five.

These are the Nintendo emulators with the highest rating from the users. So, definitely check them to pick one or two if you consider playing those famous console games from 90's. And don't forget to leave your feedback too. Which emulator and which Nintendo game are your favorite ones?



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All the Commandments of God: Find Out the Secret to Inherit All the Blessings of God

Thank you Bohlsen Group for sending us this book to review!

All the Commandments of God: Find Out the Secret to Inherit All the Blessings of God is written by Dr. Esther V. Sheker who was a former Hindu and became a Christian at eighteen. She spends 3-4 hours a day praying to the Spirit and listening to His Word. Many of these sessions begin at 3am and she recommends that you follow her example. According to the author, this book was “conceived into her spirit by the Lord God Almighty Himself and it is absolutely from the Throne-Room of God.” Some parts of this book were also paraphrased from Trinity Broadcasting Network.

While this book isn’t exactly a “page turner”, it certainly is a great reference for various topics and the Scripture supporting or condemning them. There are three parts with the first and longest focusing on the Ten Commandments. The second section talks about God’s ways being higher than our own. The last part is devoted to salvation and obtaining eternal life through Christ.

The majority of this book is taken straight from the Bible and the topics are arranged in a table format explaining the commandments and the rewards or consequences behind them. Scripture is referenced and quoted directly to support each statement. All of the topics, parables, and miracles are listed in the back of the book. This is in addition to the table of contents in the beginning of it.

I have little to argue with most of the points made in this book. I must admit that I find the beginning statements a bit much along with some of the suggestions from the author. While I’m familiar with Jesus ordering the storm to calm down in Mark 4:35-41, I think it’s a bit of a stretch that we as Christians should run out and rebuke natural calamities around the world as the author suggests. I definitely pray for those in harm’s way but I don’t expect major hurricanes or earthquakes to dissipate because of my prayers in Jesus’ name.

If you’re looking for a good reference guide, this book is a worthwhile purchase on Kindle for $3.99. The paperback is quite a bit more at $22.95. If you’re looking for sensible Christian advice, you may want to look elsewhere.

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Bilal: A New Breed of Hero

Thank you Vertical Entertainment for sending us a screener DVD to review!

Bilal: A New Breed of Hero is inspired by the true story of Bilal ibn Rabah. Though Bilal was one of Muhammad’s most trusted companions, this movie focuses more on slavery and equality than religion. Bilal’s master, Umayyah ibn Khalaf, was a wealthy man who made his fortune by selling idols in the town of Mecca. His son, Safwan ibn Umayya, treated Bilal and his sister very poorly. Bilal protected his sister even if it meant getting beaten later on for defending her.

Though whippings, beatings, and warfare is shown in this film, there is very little blood seen. This film is rated PG-13 due to the violence and warfare in it. Religion is watered down with a few references to a singular creator God and a prayer ending in amen. There is no mention of Allah and the only hint of Islam is that you see gamepeices with crescents representing the new movement versus the idol worshipers on a strategic game board. The idol priests are depicted as powerful and able to sense people’s needs and desires. I like how they’re associated with snakes.

The quality of the film is exceptional with top notch visuals and voice acting. The overall message of equality is great and I like how they reinforce that true strength is in the mind and not weapons. Bilal’s mother taught him that a great man is not bound by internal chains of anger, vengeance, or fear. Even though Bilal seeks to be a free man physically, he realizes that even his master is a slave to greed. I won’t spoil the story, but I will say that Bilal does speak his mind and stays true to his convictions and beliefs.

Though this film was originally made in 2015, Bilal: A New Breed of Hero will be coming to theaters worldwide on February 2nd, 2018. Hopefully it will do better in the Western box offices than it did in the MENA region despite its positive reviews. It’s definitely worth checking out if you don’t mind some harsh imagery and violence.


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How to Get the Best Skins in Dota 2?

How to Get the Best Skins in Dota 2?

Skins for Dota 2 became an object of obsession for millions of gamers all over the world - this is one of the reasons why the competition is so high when it comes to acquiring skins. Skins vary by quality and rarity and the higher are these indicators for the item the higher is the demand for it among players. That is why many players are interested in the best ways of acquiring rare items.

One option is available for you if you have a few skins and want to convert those in real money to purchase rarer ones. The easiest option for you would be to sell items you have in a skins marketplace as there you can make a prompt deal free of fraud. And the more skins you sell the higher would be the price for each new item sold. Actually, this is a good way to earn some cash and it is up to you how to spend it afterwards.

Dota 2 Skins

Track Special Events

Special events that take place permanently are usually followed with release of the limited line of skins and sometimes you can get those for free if you follow some conditions like participation in giveaways, or in the event somehow.

The value of the skins released for special events grows each month, as usually those are the limited editions and new similar models are not likely to be released. You can get really unique items - and what is rare is always of higher demand.

Play Frequently

When you play there is always a chance you are going to get a valuable case in the end of the game session. You need to use that chance, although the probability you are going to get a rare item after the game is really low, it still remains and even if the skin you get is not rare at all you can sell it in the specialized marketplace or exchange on forums.

Track Giveaways Organized By Different Services

There are many services that are associated with the Dota 2 or that count to engage as many Dota 2 players as possible and those usually conduct giveaways in Facebook and other social networks with corresponding hashtags (which you can use to find those).

Usually, all you need to do is to share the post and it is enough to participate in the giveaways. Of course, it is not the best way to acquire skins, but having a tiny chance to win a valuable item is better that having no chance at all.

Usually, such giveaways set several winners with different prizes which makes your chance to win at last something much higher.

 DOTA 2 skins


There are many legal ways to increase your skin account and the more of them you use the more are the chances that once you will get the skin that will cost several hundred dollars in a year or two.



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Halo: The Complete Video Collection

Thank you Shout! Factory for sending us this six-disc Blu-ray set to review!

Back in 2015 we enjoyed and reviewed Halo: The Fall of Reach. Since we only had access to a low-resolution screener it’s nice to have a higher quality Blu-ray disc of it now. I have enjoyed the first two Halo games and my kids have been playing the original game, so we have a little bit of an understanding of the franchise. Thankfully, each of the discs features different characters and stories and don’t require an in-depth knowledge of the game to enjoy them. With that said these films are dark, bloody, and have some language in them so they’re not for younger children.

Aside from Fall of Reach, there are two other movies, Forward Unto Dawn and Nightfall. The first disc, Halo Legends, has all seven of the short animated films. If that’s not enough Halo lore for you to enjoy, there are also two discs worth of bonus content. This set is sure to please any Halo fan.

Each of the Halo Legends episodes is different in art style and storytelling. The history of the war with the Covenant and the Flood is retold from varying perspectives, including Cortana’s. Other side stories are told as well including some somber ones and light-hearted tales. Since the episodes are pretty short, I won’t spoil any of the details here. This disc is nearly two hours in length.

Forward Unto Dawn tells a ninety-one minute story of some fresh recruits that hope to be Spartans one day. Each of the cadets have their own viewpoints on the war and reasons for enlisting. Many of them have family members that will be hard to measure up to. Taking orders does not come naturally for the main character, Thomas Lasky. All of their sweat and training will come in handy when their academy gets attacked by the Covenant. Do they have what it takes to survive?

Nightfall stars Mike Colter who I recognized from the Luke Cage series. His character, Locke, is an ONI soldier on a mission to save the planet from a biochemical warfare attack from the Covenant. The fate of the planet relies on a handful of soldiers who must endure the harsh atmosphere of what’s left of the Halo ring. Humanity's acts of selfishness and selflessness are both shown in this ninety-eight-minute film.

While my family and I enjoyed these films and short movies, they are not for younger kids due to language and intense violence. There is plenty of blood and alien worms eating people alive. Pretty good nightmare material for young ones. Those who are old enough to enjoy the games will find a lot to like in this set though.


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Developed by: Filofax
Price: $19.99

Thank you Filofax for sending us this product to review!

I’ve been toting around a tablet for a few years and I use it for accessing online recipes in the kitchen and taking digital sermon notes at church. The purple Fintie case I’ve been using for my LG tablet has served me well and I like how it has a built-in flap that allows the tablet to be propped up horizontally. Until now, I haven’t heard of Filofax and their universal tablet cases and tablet holders. Many of their tablet cases are over $50, but they include the universal tablet holder with them ($19.99 value).

The eniTAB360 comes in two sizes: small and large. The small is designed for 8.5” screens and smaller and the large is for 8.5” or more. I was sent the small model to review. The design is well thought out and very sturdy. I like how the edge that comes in contact with the flat surface is rubberized to prevent scratching. The green circle part that sticks to your tablet uses silicone based polymer micro-suction technology. The suction is very strong and you need to use the included smooth card device to have it loosen the grip off of your tablet. If you lose the remover, a credit card could work instead though I would worry about some potential scratching.

For my first test, I used my tablet and was quite pleased with the results. Putting the eniTAB360 on is much easier than taking it off though. The 360 rotation is great and the 0-140 degree hinge works well. After installing and removing the eniTAB360 several times, I have not noticed any loss of stickiness. As advertised, there is no residue left behind after use.

After the eniTAB360 passed with flying colors on my tablet, I wanted to test it out on my Switch since the built-in stand for that is a complete joke. The built-in stand is small and prone to coming off. Not surprisingly, the eniTAB360 works great on my Switch. Since our tablets have cases with built-in holders, we’ll continue using the eniTAB360 for our Switch from here on out since we know that it works and does not scratch or leave behind any goop after use.


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Flash/Browser Games Trends to Watch Out for In 2018


flash browser games

Games that can be played in browser are our salvation when we’re bored, regardless of our location. As long as there’s WiFi and you have a device that supports a modern Internet browser, you could be at work, caught in a long commute, or bored out of your skull at a conference and still have entertainment options due to these wonderful creations.

The history of browser games started in 1995, with the birth of Macromedia Flash (now known as Adobe Flash) and Action Script and evolved to HTML5 games, that don’t require you to install Flash as a browser extension. The cool thing is that browser games cover a wide range of genres and they can be both single and multi-player. Even more, these games are highly portable and can be played on different devices and browsers, some even offering a persistence feature (where your game progress is saved).

Throughout the years, you can observe an ascending trend, with flash/browser games becoming more complex and diverse. Thus, both the level of action and the graphic quality evolved so nowadays, games like DOOM, Dragon Ball Z Online, and Infinite Mario Bros, can be played in browser (of course, there are more cool examples to check out).

But what will happen next? Is there more space for development when it comes to browser games? Let’s see what we should expect in 2018.

More Remakes of Classic Games

The classics made history for a reason: they are entertaining and difficult to let go. So there’s no surprise that you’ll find them available online in a free-to-play format. I already mentioned Mario but other classics are expected to show up this year so keep your eyes peeled.

The best thing about a browser game (except the fact that they’re readily available without complicated installs) is that you can enjoy a fantastic game for free (as most browser games are free versions). Even more, classic remakes come with better graphics and smoother action.

More IO Games

The trend of IO games may have been born on a whim and showed up as of nowhere, but it will stay strong in 2018 as well. If you don’t know the genre, you should know that these are online browser games that are easy to understand yet difficult to master. A good example of an IO game is Little Big Snake (which is also based on the classic Snake game).

Basically, this trend started with basic games that took around 5 to 10 minutes to play (just perfect for when you’re stuck somewhere with nothing better to do). However, as people’s interest grew, so did the complexity of the game (both in graphics and gameplay).

More HTML5 Games

flash browser games

There is a constant battle between Adobe Flash and HTML5 and there was a time when we thought that the multitude of security issues and other problems may bring an end to the first. However, Flash still has lots of power in the world of browser games and other applications so you’ll still find that you’ll need the browser extension if you want to play all the cool games.

Still, it is expected that 2018 will bring more browser games based on the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies since they evolved and grown becoming more reliable. The HTML5 platform allows game creators to offer a more fluid and immersive experience for players due to great animations and cool interactive elements. Not to mention they are already embedded in modern browser clients so games will run on a native platform.

More Complexity in Graphics

Just like with PC and Console video games, it is expected to see more graphic complexity for browser games as well. Of course, you can’t compare one with the other since browser games are specially created for short-term entertainment and they run in a browser, but specialists expect a bit more this year. As it can be expected, game creators already deliver with games like League of Angels, Imperia Online, and more.

Overall, the 2018 trend for flash/browser games is of growth and we can’t wait to see new releases with more complex gameplay and stories. Our time-to-kill moments just got a lot more interesting this year!





--Disclaimer - this post has been provided by Katie Green.

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The Infographic Guide to the Bible: The Old Testament

Thank you Simon and Schuster for sending us this book to review!

Unless you’re reading a children’s edition, there are not many pictures or visual materials in the Bible. The Old Testament has many great events recorded and seeing them come to life in this infographic book is pretty cool. The breakdown of Noah’s Ark and Goliath’s measurements are truly breathtaking. In total, the ark was 1,518,750 cubic feet! Another neat tidbit in this book is that Goliath’s armor was 155lbs and his spearhead was nearly 19lbs. I recently watched Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark and was pleased to see the specs of the Ark of the Covenant detailed in this book as well.

As neat as this information is, I was shocked to find some inaccuracies. The infographic on page 31 regarding Rachel's and Leah's children is incorrect. The diagram shows Leah with four sons when she had six plus a daughter (Dinah) and Rachel with four sons when she only had two, Joseph and Benjamin. The book also claims that Rachel bore Jacob's only daughter when it was indeed Leah according to Genesis. If you want to get technical, Genesis 46:7 implies that Jacob had multiple daughters. Last but not least, Zilpah's name is also misspelled (Zilphah).

Here's a breakdown of the children:

Gen 29
Reuben - Leah
Simeon - Leah
Levi - Leah
Judah - Leah

Gen 30
Dan - Bilhah
Naphtali - Bilhah
Gad - Zilpah
Asher - Zilpah
Issachar - Leah
Zebulun - Leah
Dinah - Leah
Joseph - Rachel

Genesis 35
Benjamin – Rachel

Because of these errors, I can’t rely on and trust the information throughout the rest of the book. This critique is based off an advanced review copy of the book. Perhaps it has been or will be revised to correct the errors. Until that happens, I would recommend skipping it or taking it with a pillar of salt.


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Austin Stone Worship – Everflow

Thank you Austin Stone Worship for sending us this digital album to review!

The Austin Stone ministry is located in Austin, Texas and they consist of talented worship leaders, musicians, songwriters, and artists. Their goal is to proclaim the gospel of Christ throughout the world and to challenge believers to live a life fully devoted to Jesus. Everflow is their seventh album, and after hearing how great the production quality is and how the gospel message is clearly in it, I’m going to have to backtrack and check out their previous recordings.

Everflow consists of thirteen tracks, which range from calming instrumental songs to electronic dance music. My favorite song is titled The Center of It All and its electronic dance music style reminds me of music from a Christian group called Capital Kings. There’s a wide variety of music styles represented in the album. Many of the songs have piano, synthesizer, and electric guitar in them. The vocal talent is exceptional and I enjoyed listening to the male and female lead singers.

The theme of this CD is based off of 1 Peter and points to the supremacy of Jesus in all things. With song titles like Jesus Lifted High, You Can’t Be Praised Enough, and Jesus Is Better, they are on the right track. The lyrics are certainly praising God and lifting his name on high. The instrumental tracks are pleasant to listen to as well, but they’re not as moving and the ones with words.

This CD is availably digitally and in physical form on Amazon and at many popular brick and mortar retailers like Walmart and Target. I highly recommend checking out Austin Stone Worship’s website for all of their music and resources available to believers, worship leaders, and musicians. I look forward to more God honoring music from them!

(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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Whalek/Happy Life Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

Thank you Whalek for sending us this product to review!

My family loves to go camping though we don’t “rough it” entirely. We make sure that our phones stay charged and we pack our own food to cook on an open fire. Showering facilities are welcome as well. Though we have always brought sleeping pads in the past, having an extra layer between our tent and the sleeping bags is always appreciated. Not too long ago, we reviewed the Whalek Self-Inflating Camp Pad and it’s great for a single person. The double-pillowed sleeping pad is ideal for married couples.

Setting up the sleeping pad is fairly simple. Removing it from the carrying bag and unfolding it does not take too much time or effort. Loosing up the valves on each end of the mat will allow for air to automatically inflate the bottom mat a little bit. This process takes some time and it won’t ever look or feel like an air mattress. Still, it’s far better than sleeping on bare ground! The pillows require inflating the old fashioned way and they each have their own valve.

When you’re ready to roll up and put away the sleeping pad, be sure to thoroughly deflate the pillow and mat portion. Despite my best efforts of deflating and rolling up the sleeping pad, it took several attempts and some force to (mostly) get it back into it’s original carrying sack. The straps and buckles are nice but one of the buckles came off when I was trying to fasten it. I was able to put it back on though. The straps and buckles will probably last longer than the carrying case as I lost a few stitches at the opening when attempting to put away the mat.

In the event of an accident, there is a repair kit included. The manual is helpful as well despite finding a typo in it. The company seems to stand behind their products and are willing to help if you are not satisfied with it. The Amazon reviews are positive and this sleeping pad sells for $56 there.

(Amazon Affiliate Link)

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Jonathan Cain - Unsung Noel

Thank you Hoganson Media for sending us a digital album to review!

Jonathan Cain was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April of 2017. Many may know him as Journey’s keyboardist and co-author of Don’t Stop Believin’. A quick look at his Twitter feed will show that he’s a Christian and listening to his latest Christmas album, Unsung Noel, truly emphasizes the reason for the season. The first song, The Heart of Christmas, emphasizes that Jesus is the reason for the season.

There are fourteen songs and they are all beautifully performed and produced. A couple that I recognized right off the bat are Angels We Have Heard on High, Oh Holy Night, and Do You Hear What I Hear. The other eleven tracks were all new to me. Even though I’m not Catholic anymore, I enjoyed Hail Mary. That song and entire CD proclaim Jesus Christ as the king, savior, and true meaning behind Christmas.

All of the songs are calming and have great singing and keyboard playing. The lyrics throughout the CD are inspiring, praise Jesus, and tell of his miraculous birth. The song Joseph’s Pride tells Joseph’s doubts and role as Jesus’ earthly father.

If you’re looking for praise filled Christmas music, look no further than Jonathan Cain’s Unsung Noel Christmas album. Digitally it sells for $8.99 and the audio CD is only a dollar more. I love playing Christmas music throughout the month of December though I have made an exception for this album. It’s great to listen to Christ-centered music instead of ones focusing on made up figures. This one is definitely staying in my Christmas music collection!


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All Saints

Thank you Affirm Films for sending us this DVD to review!

All Saints tells the true story about the recently ordained pastor, Michael Spurlock, who takes over a church slated for closing in a few weeks. Michael used to be a corporate salesperson and he has a history of clashing with his bosses. After getting to know the twelve church members, he realizes that the All Saints church is a big part of their lives and closing it down may hurt them spiritually. On top of that, some Karen refugee farmers have started attending and their growing numbers quickly fill up the pews in the chapel.

Michael must again clash heads with those in authority over him as he refuses to cooperate with the building appraisers. To keep the church afloat, Michael proposes that they use the land for farming and the expertise of the refugees for maintaining it. The diocese reluctantly agrees to keep the church off of the market until after the first harvest.

The church members work together to plant and tend the fields. Farming is hard work and requires a lot of time and water and both of them are in short supply. Friendships, marriages, and people’s faith are tested and strained throughout this journey. I’ll leave the rest of the details for you to watch in this 108 minute film.

The credits show some neat pictures and stories of actual All Saints church members. It’s also great to see that some of them are in the film. This movie is rated PG and shows a bit of blood and violence. Most of the movie is family friendly and I recommend checking it out. The Blu-ray is available for less than $20 and the DVD is $16.99 on Amazon.


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All I Want For Christmas Is You

Thank you Universal Studios for sending us this Blu-ray to review!

All I Want For Christmas Is You features Mariah Carey’s song with the same title and she is the narrator of this cute Christmas themed story. The main character is a little girl named Mariah (big surprise!) who has been asking for a puppy for many years without any success. While her father is allergic to dogs, he also struggles with saying “No” to her and would rather come up with an excuse to leave rather than give her a response. This year is a little different from before as Mariah agrees to be in a doggie fashion show without the required dog. Her friends are still okay with it since Mariah assures them that she’s getting one this Christmas.

Mariah’s grandmother is in her corner and tries to get her parents to reconsider after seeing a cute hypoallergenic poodle-bichon hybrid puppy at the local animal shelter. Mariah sets her sights on getting this female puppy that she names Princess. Her father, on the other hand, has different plans. He brings home a troublesome puppy named Jack and promises that if she can take care of this wily dog, then they’ll consider getting Princess for her.

Jack is quite the troublemaker, destroying many items in the house, and even manages to tarnish Mariah’s impeccable reputation at school. Because of some of his hijinks, she is forced to trespass into her neighbor’s yard to “borrow” Mrs. Claus’ outfit since Jack destroyed the one she needed for the fashion show. Unfortunately, her grandfather trespasses into their neighbor’s yard all of the time out of jealousy to interfere with their obnoxious Christmas decorations.

While there is justification for lying and jealousy in this film, it does have a good message about love in the end and how it does not require perfection to thrive. I won’t spoil any more of the story or the ending, but I recommend checking out this film if you’re a fan of dogs or Mariah Carey. All I Want For Christmas Is You sells for less than $15 on Amazon.

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