We're raffling off a Steam code for Cooking Witch!  We'll be drawing the raffle on August 22nd which is the day my kids go back to school (yay!). You can enter this raffle for 100 points. Membership is required, but joining is free!  Registered users can earn points by logging onto the site, referring friends, reading our articles, commenting on reviewsblog posts, clicking on banners, or buying 100 points for $1 If you submit a review you'll earn 1000 points.  Members who support us on Patreon earn monthly raffle points too! Good luck!


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Christ Centered Gamer looks at video games from two view points. We analyze games on a secular level which will break down a game based on its graphics, sound, stability and overall gaming experience. If you’re concerned about the family friendliness of a game, we have a separate moral score which looks at violence, language, sexual content, occult references and other ethical issues.

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