System Requirements
1.2GHz CPU
Windows Vista/XP/2000
32MB DX9 Video DX 9 Sound
Heavenly Harmony and microphone/headset required!

Heavenly Harmony is a Christian karaoke/American Idol style game. The original game comes with twenty-five songs, and you can add thirty popular Christian rock songs for the reasonable price of $24.95.


What songs are there?

Here is the song list; the selection and variety is great.


Steven Curtis Chapman -
Live Out Loud


DC Talk -
In the Light


We fall down 
Strong Tower
Sea of Faces
Better is One Day


Falling Up-
Broken Heart
Hotel Aquarium
Falling in Love

Jeremy Camp-
Take You Back
This Man


Audio Adrenaline-
Clap Your Hands
Get Down
Ocean Floor
Hands and Feet


Sanctus Real-
Thank You 
Don\'t Give Up
The Fight Song
The Face of Love
Everything About You


Rebecca St. James-
God Help Me
You Are Loved


This Beautiful Republic-
The Surface
Going Under
Casting Off



The Extreme difficulty will be new to those who do not own the Christmas Classics expansion. The added songs and grading are more challenging in my opinion. There are only a handful of easy/medium songs.



Installation was a breeze; it detected my Heavenly Harmony install and put the songs right in. Unlike the previous expansion pack, you cannot distinguish the new songs from the default songs. The previous expansion put a (CC) in the name, I miss that feature.


As far as I can tell, the graphics have not changed. No new backdrops have been added.


This game is all about music and the mp3 files sound good. There\'s plenty of variety. I like the artists and many of the songs they chose. There are more male than female vocals this time around.


The game ran fine. I noticed a text jumble up in one of the songs. The font looks blurrier at times but it could be the speed of the lyrics flying by.


This game is all about singing Christian music, so I can’t fault it for anything here. If you don’t like rock music you may want to consider the Christmas Classics expansion instead.

Final Thoughts

Cloud 9 Games has released a great expansion pack to an already entertaining karaoke game. I highly recommend it to everyone who owns Heavenly Harmony. The music is great and the songs are challenging to sing.

Final Ratings

Game Play 16/20
Graphics 7/10
Sound 9/10
Stability 4/5
Interface 4/5
Appropriateness 50/50

Overall 90%