PC,Gamecube,XBOX,PS2 rated M for blood, violence, strong sexual content*

Hitman 2 is possibly the most creative game ever, even if it is a little bit on the violent side.


You are a retired hitman forced back into business by treason, betrayal, etc. Just because you are the best killer on the planet, does not mean you are not a patriot...


The game\'s graphics are great! The people look real, except for the fact when you take the security guard\'s clothes, their stomachs look fake. The guns look very real. The graphics for cars and trucks are a bit unpolished and undetailed.


The sound is also great, but has less problems. The footsteps sound real, the guns sound great, and if the overall rating was based on sound, it would have to give a 100%.

Game play

The game play would be excellent, except for one major flaw: it is too hard. It usually takes me 5-15 tries to defeat a mission, no mission can usually be defeated in one try, even if you are a Hitman veteran. I recommend everyone play this on the easy setting the first time through. The key to this game is not to start a blood bath, it is to avoid killing if possible. If you must kill, do it quietly. You are given every weapon and tool you need. You are given some fiber-wire allowing you to kill silently and strangle innocent by-standers and take their clothes and such. The game is violent, but has quite a bit of creativity mixed in.


Ok...here is where the game falters some. This game IS violent, but not in a Quake or Doom way to where you kill everything that moves. If you must kill, you do it quietly(e.g. strangling, snapping the neck). There is some blood, but you can turn it off if it is not your thing. Also, above when I mentioned strong sexual content*, I put the little star for a reason. There is no actual sex, no actual nudity. When you kill guards, if you choose to take their clothes, you see them in their underwear, but nothing is shown(except their underwear and their fat, fake looking, stomachs). Also, sometimes a bounty hunter or something of that nature might go into the restroom to pee. You can strangle them while they are using the urinal(nothing is shown). Action lovers will like the challenge but the violence should deter most Christians.

Final Ratings

Story A Graphics B- Sound A+ Game play B Appropriateness C-

Overall C+