System Requirements
OS: Any with java enabled internet browser CPU: 486 (your internet connection determines the speed) RAM: 32MB VIDEO: Any SOUND: Not Used Age: Everyone Bible: NIV

Armoquest 2 is a free online Bible adventure game. You can play it at In this game you play Armo a rhinoceros. Your Golden Sword has been stolen and you have to venture into the castle to get it back! In order to progress through your quest, you must answer many biblical questions. So have your NIV bible ready and be prepared to flip through many passages. Or challenge yourself and try to do it with out using a bible. (Be sure to save at every level) There are three hidden levels in this game, see if you can find them!

How do I play the game?

There are a bunch of puzzles that will need to be solved to progress in the game. All these puzzles are biblical and are usually in multiple choice or True and False format. If you do not know the answer, you\'ll find yourself back at the beginning of the game. There are save points at every level so be sure to save often!

What will I encounter?

When you start the game you\'ll have to find your way into the castle. Once inside there are many paths to explore. The direction you go is usually corresponds to an answer you give to a particular question. You\'ll need to collect different color keys to access certain areas. If you happen to see a lever be sure to use it. You\'ll never know what you may find!


From a Christian perspective this is a biblical game and I see nothing wrong with it. It can be a great learning tool for memorizing scripture or just locating it in your bible! There are many good biblical principles that can be applied as well. Any Christian no matter how old can learn from this game.

Overall experienceEase of use

The game was fun to play and it\'s easier to navigate. Armoquest plays well on 56K so you don\'t need a real fast connection to enjoy it. There was no background music or sound effects. The graphical images were pretty good. They are still images but the details are nice and rendered well. This game is real cute and can be enjoyed by anyone. Best of all, it\'s free!

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play B Sound N/A Interface B+ Stability A Offensive Content A+

Overall 88% B +