Now I normally don\'t play flying games, but this game is quite fun. Even though I am not good at it. There are single or multiplayer modes. There is a campaign/mission mode as well as instant action. I played the campaign mode. The missions are both fun and challenging. From a Christian stand point, there is some language with an attitude in the game, but this can be disabled. Even though your character is a cocky pilot; you don\'t need the language to go along with it. The game itself is easy to install. There is a patch available, I believe it allows multiplayer saves. Graphically it\'s very pretty, it works well with 3DFX and D3D. There is also force feedback support. The music and sound definitely add to the game.

Final Ratings

Appropriate 3/5 Interface 4/5 Game Play 5/5 Music 5/5 Graphics 5/5 Stability 3.5/5

Overall 85%

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