empire of the ants

This game is pretty interesting and unique. It's not very often that I put myself in an ants perspective. These ants work hard, They have to gather lots resources like food and building materials. You have to maintain and build your underground home. You must also keep the Queen happy and laying eggs. Not to mention defending yourself and others from bigger bugs. BTW Praying Mantis' are hard! From a Christian perspective, there are battles. Do bugs have blood? I am not sure if this is wrong. I think this is a pretty clean game. The game is easy to install and pretty easy to play. I went through the tutorials but found them annoying but helpful. The graphics and sound effects were good. The game is stable and the game play is fun. There is multiplayer and single player modes. This game even has an encyclopedia of ant info built in! I guess you can learn to appreciate ants with this game.

Final Ratings

Appropriate 5/5
Interface 3.5/5
Game Play 4/5
Music 4/5
Graphics 4/5
Stability 5/5

Overall 85%