Do you miss your old Atari 2600, 7800 games? If so, this collection is perfect for you. This pack includes Pole Position, Pac-Man, Mrs. Pac-Man, Dig Dug, and Galaxia. The demo just comes with pac-man. With Pac-Man, the story is simple, eat all the little circles, and avoid ghosts. Big circles allow you to turn the tables and eat the ghosts. For extra points eat the fruit when you see it. It doesn\'t sound hard, but the game is harder than I remember. The ghosts seem smarter in this remake. From a Christian perspective, these games are pretty clean. The game is easy to install. The interface was easy to use. For controls you can use keyboard or joystick. The graphics are Atari like, haven\'t changed a bit, definitely classic looking. But this is great for those with non 3D graphics cards. The sound/music is the same as the original. There is Multiplayer mode but it\'s turn based. The game runs well in Windows 98, it will not install in Windows 2000. I didn\'t encounter any stability problems. The game play is fun, just like the originals.

Final Ratings

Appropriate 5/5 Interface 4/5 Game Play 5/5 Music/Sound 4/5 Graphics 2/5 Stability 5/5

Overall 83%