I bought this game when it came out. Unfortunately it was a bad move, I\'ll explain later. The game is really fun, it is very similar to Diablo. Pretty much click and kill. It\'s the kind of game where you choose your class, get some armor and weapons and whoop some monsters. It has single and multiplayer modes, both are fun. In single player you can control two characters, that\'s a nice feature. This game is like Diablo in a couple ways. For starters, the game style is the same. Many consider DarkStone a rip-off from Diablo. Another thing in common is that is also has pentagrams in it. You don\'t see them in DarkStone until you are in the final dungeons. I found this really disappointing, the rest of the game is great. The graphics are nice. It has an easy to use interface. There are some patches available for the game. The music is good, very fitting. Game play is fun on single player and multiplayer. I used a LAN, but I hear internet play is a little slow. All in all it\'s a great game, I am saddened they had to ruin it by throwing those satanic symbols in.

Final Ratings

Appropriate 1/5 Interface 5/5 Game Play 4/5 Music 3/5 Graphics 4/5 Stability 3.5/5

Overall 68%