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What is the reviewing standard for Christ Centered Gamer

Click here to download our html review template

Below is how we calculate our score.

Instructions: Put an “X” in the spot next to the description under each category that best describes this game. 
Note: Examples given are the names of actual games. 

The Violence/Blood/Gore category covers 1/5 (10 pts) of the final grade. 
Violence (Check only one) 
___ - No Violence (-0 pts)
___ - Sports Violence (Ex. Fighting in Hockey or Rushing the Mound in Baseball) (-1pts)
___ - Cartoon Type Silly, Non-Deadly Violence (Ex. Simpson’s Hit and Run, Crash Bandicoot) (-2 pts)
___ - Non Deadly Violence (Ex. Knockout Kings, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) (-2.5 pts)
___ - Killing non-human realistic creatures (Ex. Deer Hunting) (-2.5 pts)
___ - Shooting objects that represent enemy aircraft, tanks etc. (Ex. Star Wars Rogue Squadron) (-3 pts)
___ - RPG Violence (This is where you enter a command and watch it happen Ex. Final Fantasy) (-3 pts)
___ - Killing non-human, fictional beings (Ex. Robots or Aliens) (-3.5 pts)
___ - People killing people in self-defense (Ex. Medal of Honor) (-4 pts)
___ - People killing people in cold blooded murder (Ex. Grand Theft Auto 3) (-5 pts)

Blood (Check only one) 
___ - No Blood (-0 pts)
___ - Small Red Blotches or Drops (-1 pts)
___ - Puddle of Blood occurs when a character dies (-1.5 pts)
___ - Blood sprays on the wall and everywhere else (-2.5 pts)
___ - If the game allows gore to be disabled (+1)

Gore (Check only one) 
___ - No Gore (-0 pts)
___ - Bodies do not disappear after death (-1 pts)
___ - Body parts can be visually unattached (-1.5 pts)
___ - Gruesome details (Ex. acid burning off skin, heart being cut out of body, human sacri fices) (-2.5 pts)

The Language category covers 1/5 (10 pts) of the final grade. 
Foul Language (Check only one) 
___ - No Foul Language (-0 pts)
___ - Uses Crude Language (-1.5 pts)
___ - Minor Swear Words are used once or twice (-2 pts)
___ - Minor Swear Words are used throughout the game (-2.5 pts)
___ - Swear Words Acceptable for Prime Time TV are used Once or Twice (-3 pts)
___ - Swear Words Acceptable for Prime Time TV are used throughout the game (-3.5 pts)
___ - Swear Words found in a PG-13-rated movie are used in the game (-4 pts)
___ - Swear Words found in a R-rated movie are used in the game (-5 pts)
___ - God’s name in vain is used through out the game (-5 pts)
___ - If the game allows swearing to be disabled (+1)

Examples of:
Crude Language – Fart, Poop, Pee
Minor Swear Words – Hell, Sucks, Crap
Prime TV – A**, B***h, B*****d used once or twice
PG-13 – A**, B***h, B*****d, S**t used through out or F-Word used once or twice
R – Same as PG-13 but F-Word used throughout

Sexual Dialogue/Innuendo (Check only one) 
___ - No sexual dialogue. (-0 pts)
___ - Sexual Jokes are made once or twice. (-2 pts)
___ - Sexual references are made throughout the game. (-3.5 pts)
___ - The game revolves around jokes about sex. (-5 pts)

The Sexual Content/Nudity category covers 1/5 (10 pts) of the final grade. 
Nudity (Check only one) 
___ - No Nudity (-0 pts)
___ - Characters clothing is sexy or accentuates their sexuality (Ex. tight clothing or low cleavage) (-1.5 pts)
___ - Characters wear very revealing clothing such as bikinis or lingerie (-3.5 pts)
___ - Partial Nudity (-4 pts)
___ - Full Frontal Nudity (-5 pts)

Sexual Content (Check only one)

___ - No Sexual Content (-0 pts)
___ - Sex outside of marriage is shown as positive in the game. (- 3 pts)
___ - Homosexuality is shown as positive in the game. (- 4 pts)
___ - Characters can be seen having sex in the game. (-5 pts)

The Occult/Supernatural category covers 1/5 (10 pts) of the final grade. 
Occult/Supernatural in Game Setting (check only one)
___ - There is no occult or supernatural environment in the game. (-0 pts)
___ - Game takes place in an environment with minor occult references. (-3 pts)
___ - Game takes place in an environment that is filled with major occult references. (-5 pts)

Occult Supernatural used by Player (check only one)
___ - There is no occult or supernatural in the game. (-0 pts)
___ - Fairy tale type magic is used in game by player. (-1.5 pts)
___ - Borderline magic (hard to tell if occult) is used by enemies, but not by player. (-3 pts)
___ - Borderline magic (hard to tell if occult) is used by player. (-3.5 pts)
___ - Occult magic is used by enemies, but not by player. (-4 pts)
___ - Occult magic is used by player. (-5 pts)

Note: Occult magic would be games that base their magic system off of an actual religion such as Wicca or Satanism and should not be confused with magic systems in games that are made up for make believe purposes to provide a safe fun fantasy environment.

The Cultural/Moral/Ethical category covers 1/5 (10 pts) of the final grade. 
Authority (check only one)
___ - No authority issues involved with this game. (-0 pts)
___ - Game demeans family respect and authority. (-1 pts)
___ - Game portrays rebellion against established cultural norms. (-1.5 pts)
___ - Game requires rejecting authority figures or laws. (-2 pts)
___ - Game requires active rebellion to play the game. (-2.5 pts)

Prejudice (check only one)
___ - No prejudicial bias in the game. (-0 pts)
___ - Characters are portrayed with stereotypical biases. (-1.5 pts)
___ - Characters are clearly demeaned or negatively bias by race, or ethnicity. (-2.5 pts)

Gross Humor (check only one) (Examples of gross humor would be jokes about farts, being kicked in the privates, etc.)

___ - No gross humor in the game. (-0 pts)
___ - A few instances of gross humor are in the game. (-1.5 pts)
___ - Game is filled with gross humor. (-2.5 pts)

Traditional/Family Values Decision Making (check only one) ___ - Good value decision making is required to progress in the game. (-0 pts)
___ - Poor value decisions are promoted through the game, but not required to progress. (-1.5 pts)
___ - Game requires that decisions be made that go against traditional values. (-2.5 pts)

Now it’s time to grade the game. At the end of each description is a negative point value. Subtract these points from 50 to get your score, then go to the Bonus section.

Current Game Points ___________ 
CCGR Specific--------------------------------- 
____ Game Play: This section is worth 20 points please keep these questions in mind when determining the grade 
Is the Game fun? Did it take a while to get into? How re-playable is it (harder difficulties, multiple endings)? Is it open ended? Does it have multiplayer? 
____ Graphics: This section is worth 10 points. Some games require good graphics others don’t need them. 
How detailed are the levels and characters? When characters talk, do their mouths move with it? Does the game look realistic or colorful if it’s a kids game? Are the in-game movies good quality? Do the levels vary or does everything look recycled? 
____ Sound: This section is worth 10 points. 
Is there background music? If so, is it fitting or catchy? How is the voice acting, good or annoying? Are the sound effects believable? Are they annoying? 
____ Stability: This section is worth 5 points. An unstable game is no fun. 
Did you encounter glitches or bugs in the game? Are there a lot of patches? Are there any game ruining bugs? Are there exploits? 
____ Controls/Interface: This is worth 5 points. 
Is the game menu system easy to use? Are the controls easy to use, or is there a high learning curve. Can you customize the controls? Are there a lot of key commands or button combos, if so does it come with a cheat sheet? 

Bonus Points ___ - This game promotes the importance of family values. (+3 pts)
___ - This game shows the consequences of evil and/or messing with the occult. (+3 pts)
___ - The story in this game delivers a good moral lesson. (+3 pts)

Now add any bonus points to the current game points and that is your final score. 
Final Score __________

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