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Booper Get Home!

Download, unzip to your folder of choice, start Oculus or Steam VR and run booperBuild1.exe.  

An Xbox style controller is highly recommended.

It’s a simple quest, go to the castle, get instructions, find the items and bring them back – once the gate opens, go to the next land and the next quest.

Controls are simple, left stick / touchpad to move, right stick / touchpad to turn and A / trigger to jump. There aren’t any lives / fall damage, if a monster touches you, you’ll get scared and lie down; but any button will pop you right back up. Standard controllers should also work, as well as KB/M. 

One small warning – although its rare, I’ve had one or two people say the big jumps in the game make them woozy; so if you are easily nauseated in VR – be forewarned!

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