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SpaceCats in Space!


SpaceCats in Space! is an animated shooter feline epic for PC and OSX that takes place among the stars. 

Experience a fast-paced, tactical twin-stick with realistic space physics, tank-style controls, and special weapon recoil.

Blast your way to glory in no-holds-barred space warfare against the evil Grolich Empire! Make those dogs pay for invading our planet!

Play as Princess Angelina Contessa III, and lead the Cougar Squadron, feline fighter pilots extraordinaire, and the elite spearhead of the Meowfyre Royal Navy.

SpaceCats in Space! strives to be one of the best twin-stick shooters Unity developers have to offer.

Submitted By:
Cheryl (Cheryl)
Submitted On:
11 Aug 2016
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Submitted On:
11 Aug 2016
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