Why won't God heal Amputees?

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Why won't God heal Amputees?

Post by Phealoon »

I wanted to address one of the many questions I have come across during my life as a believer. I saw this question posted on a website a while back and I wanted to offer a possible answer to this question. I would guess that the person who asked this question, was trying to use it in some way to prove that Christ does not exist. In my opinion, the question does not make sense, as it assumes that God does not heal those without limbs. In fact, God does heal amputees, just not always in the way we would think.

Our father sent a young shepherd boy named David, to slay a giant using a sling and a few small pebbles. While everyone else, who was well trained for battle, was wearing heavy armor and carrying iron swords and shields. If a large man with a sharp iron sword took down Goliath, there would be little inspiration to give us hope and courage. God sent the unexpected to show His vast power.

Take Bethany Hamilton for example. She is a professional surfer, who lost her arm to a shark attack. Rather then giving up, she continues to inspire millions across the world. Now lets imagine what would have happened if she gave up surfing afterward. Millions of people would not have the courage and faith they found from her testimony of Gods strength.

Now you may be thinking, how that really didn't answer the question. Ok let me put it another way. The way we see things is often backwards in this broken world. People might think that because there was no supernatural re-growth of a limb, that God does not heal. However, the problem is in the question. "Why won't God heal Amputees?"

The world heal means "Get healthy again", or "provide a cure for".

God can heal a broken spirit, by providing encouragement and hope.
God can heal a physical struggle, by giving special knowledge to a technician who designs the perfect prosthetic.
God can heal a tragedy, by bring families together after the loss of a limb or worse.

So to answer that question, in my opinion, God does heal amputees all the time, just as He continues to heal the rest of us through His daily sufficient Grace.


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Re: Why won't God heal Amputees?

Post by ccgr »

Great post, point. Welcome to the site!

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