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DCS: When you impulse buy...

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 6:53 am
by Minecrafty
So, I bought a Flight simulator set up, on the fly, not knowing anything about it, and thought about getting a game for it etc. So after a few days of online search by My dad and I we found this game called Digital Combat Simulator, which is to put it bluntly Demanding. It's the stuff you'd expect to find in an Air Force training facility right next to the thing you hop into to fly around.

I bought a Saitek X52, which is pretty nice for $20.00, and then continued to acquire the DCS for :D FREE!!!! :D . And then tested it out on my PC, to say the least it was nothing like I thought I was getting. Its one of those games we're you press Ctrl then shift twice, THEN You put your left foot behind your head, and THEN you put so many figures on the key board you must use both your nose and your ear to press T and Y. After that, you start flying and you cab it to the runway and by the time your flying it's tomorrow and you got to pause the game because of Chores/Work. And when you get back you repeat the steps.

After a while you get flying and it's like JASF, which is hard because your stearing is realistic. But this is like that on steroids because to simply turn you have to move the joystick in such a perfect way it's well... hard. But if you get it right make sure you restabilize because if not you're TOAST.

After learning to stear, and fly, and land the game lets you on to something you've waited for... weapons :mrgreen: But the hard part is again knowing what to press. The story of DCS...

So I was wondering anybody else went through this kind of Simulator.

Re: DCS: When you impulse buy...

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:46 pm
by ccgr
Hehe nope, thanks for sharing your experience

Re: DCS: When you impulse buy...

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:30 pm
by Deepfreeze32
Sounds a lot like Steel Battalion.

How in the heck did you get an X52 for $20? Those things retail for $130...

That said, I love these kinds of games. The more immersive the better!