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divinegames New @humble Positive Bundle 2 - https://t.co/pJneofIzcL (CCG Link). Great games for $10 or less. We have reviews for Rive & Dungeon Souls
divinegames The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed. - Rom 8:19 https://t.co/937jLtwlbf
divinegames Pleasant dreams everyone! https://t.co/hAHoN8kQUS
divinegames Updated our finances page (https://t.co/tfncFDXGDU), overall our @patreon and donations are down this month :( https://t.co/DkwfFWezij

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Christ Centered Gamer looks at video games from two view points. We analyze games on a secular level which will break down a game based on its graphics, sound, stability and overall gaming experience. If you’re concerned about the family friendliness of a game, we have a separate moral score which looks at violence, language, sexual content, occult references and other ethical issues.

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