System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP Minimum Intel Penitum? 233 or AMD K6-2 32 MB RAM 400 MB HD Space 2x CD ROM Drive SVGA, high-color (16-bit) Win-compatible Soundcard 32-bit Internet service provider with 28.8+ modem or LAN
Preferred Intel Penitum? 233 or AMD K6-2 48 MB RAM 3D Accelerator card (OpenGL or Direct 3D
What makes Blue Shift different from the other Half-Life games? You get put into a position where it\'s you against the aliens AND the military. Now, that\'s what I call fun. You get access to areas not available in the other two games, and there are better graphics thanks to the Blue Shift: High Definition Pack. Included with Blue Shift, there is Opposing Force. Having included Opposing Force, Blue Shift gives a whole new definition to online, network gaming. From a Christian perspective, it\'s really good. The game has some swears, but it can easily be disabled from the options menu. There\'s the blood and gore too, most of it can be disabled in the Options menu also. This is one of the best games, I have ever played. Blue Shift can play all of the Half-Life mods (includes over hundreds, plus more are still being made).

Interesting Tidbit:

Half-Life: Blue Shift\' is composed of scientific terms. Half-Life is the time in which an element decays. Blue Shift is when a star is moving faster towards a closer point on the magnetic spectrum.

Overall: 88%

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