The Xavixgame fitness system was released in 2005 and has not shared the same success as the Wii. The concept is very similar but each game has it’s own unique and realistic controller. The Xavix Tennis game has two tennis rackets that have motion sensors and a button.

Tell me about the game

There are three game modes: Tournament Tour, Exhibition and Training games. If you just want to play against the computer or a live opponent Exhibition is the way to go. The Tournament mode is a five game minimum before you can save your progress. The four training modes are helpful to get you acquainted with the game. Each mode gives you five lives (balls) and a goal high score to try and beat. Serving Aces has a power meter that fluctuates, and your goal is to hit the ball when the arrow lines up at the middle. The main objective is to prevent the opponent from hitting your serve. Target Practice mode has you returning serves to a specific side of the tennis court. Serve and Finish mode has you starting by serving the game and to avoid the opponent from scoring. Rally Time’s goal is to have the ball go back and forth as much as possible.

What about the characters?

You can have up to two players in this game. Multiplayer splits the screen. There are eight characters to choose from. Each character has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to court type (hard, clay, grass), endurance, agility, accuracy, serve speed, stroke power and volley power. They also have different ages and nationalities.


The menu is all maneuverable with the tennis racket. To change menu selections you just swing the racket and confirm your selection by pressing the button. The button is also used to throw the ball up for a serve. Other than that you just swing naturally.


The graphics on the Xavix system are very poor. They are somewhere between Nintendo 8bit and Super Nintendo quality. The characters are not super detailed but the game is still fun.


There is no background music in this game. It’s actually pretty serious; the announcer lets you know when you fault or when the ball is out.


Tennis is a pretty clean sport and this game is fun for all ages.

Final Thoughts

This is one of my favorite games for the Xavix system. It’s pretty realistic in game play and is targeted for a more serious tennis player. The Wii Sports tennis has a more lighthearted feel to it. If you’re considering getting a Xavix system I highly recommend getting this game for it.

Final Ratings

Game Play 16/20 Graphics 5/10 Sound 5/10 Controls/Interface 5/5 Stability 5/5 Appropriateness 50/50

Final Score 86%

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